Is there anyone from Poland (or at least in Europe) who used a prescription from overseas? (from a doctor from European Europe)

I’ve got an online prescription (not for Rapamycin but for Acarbose) from a doctor not from my country (a doctor from Croatia, I live in Poland)
Should I just print that prescription and show it at pharmacy?

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Yes - it’s the only way to find out if your pharmacy will accept it.

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Did you get it? Acarbose is hard to get in Scandinavia at least sweden and Norway… need a special aplication aprooved for it from a local dr… so was going to try to use my EU prescription while on vacay in Bulgaria and Lithuania

Ah, you don’t think EUdoctors prescription for Acarbose will work in Sweden? Why is it more restricted with Acarbose than Rapamycin?

Acarbose er på veg ut av normal bruk av leger i sverige, og er dermed et legemiddel man på søke om å bruke. Samme problem i Norge

Google translate’s piecemeal translation:

your way out of normal use of doctors in Sweden and thus a medicine man search for about to use Same problem in Norway

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:smiley: thought i was replying to a DM: ACarbose is on its way out as a regular prescription drug in sweden, therefor you need a special application from a local dr to get it out of a pharmacy, same problem in Norway as in Sweden ^^