People we should invite to our forum


If you know them personally.

Mikhail V. Blagosklonny

David M. Sabatini

Nir Barzila

Matt Kaeberlein

Joan Mannick


@PDM knows Blagosklonny


Matt kaeberlein us already a member, but doesn’t visit often and has a lot going on. His social media preferences are Twitter but with his phasing out of academia seems to be less active there.


After signing up for the University of Washington Survey on Rapamycin, I think Tammi Kaeberlein or Matt recommended I come to this site. Someone did.

That is how I got here.

Excellent suggestion.


Kaeberlein is phasing out academia? how do you know?

Wow, so many people have been lately. Many of them with minimal teaching loads too.

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Matts been talking about it for the past year in private, but with the announcements of Oral Biomedical, and then OptiSpan Ventures, I think he’s been more open about it.

I think he believes he can move the field forward faster now outside academia than inside.

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I know that one of our members did a “cold” email to Sabatini asking questions and never got a response.

Nir is very focused on Metformin and is generally extremely cautious when it comes to rapamycin, so doubt he’d be too interested.

And Joan Mannick is of course leader of Tornado Therapeutics developing a “competitor” to rapamycin, and has said that she doesn’t take rapamycin (see the bottom of list of “who in the Health and Longevity Field is taking rapamycin” thread).

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What happened to restorbio???

It shut down when their phase 3 clinical trial didn’t meet the end points (the FDA changed the endpoints between the phase 2 clinical study where it was successful, and the phase 3 trial).