Oral Rapamycin and Changes in Appearance?

Has anyone noticed any change of appearance after taking rapamycin orally? I read that it causes jaw bone growth in mice. I don’t want my jaw bone to grow back to its youthful size.
If you noticed appearance changes, what changes did you notice? And how long were you taking the drug for? Thank you.


I have a distinct plumpness of skin on my face.
My forehead, cheeks and bridge of nose thicker. Before Rapamycin when washing the forehead bridge it would crack and bleed… firmer skin now and it now takes a brutal exfoliate cloth scrubbing and nothing. Just thick clean skin.

The crepe skin on arms, saggy knee skin and turkey neck both reduced to normal skin… so it plumps and tightens the skin for me. Same with belly…stomach …visceral fat gone …belly button …round and hard…like in my youth again.

Saw changes after first year…on rapamycin 2 1/2 years.


Alex - Rapamycin, in one study, has helped regrow the jaw bone around the teeth, which is a good thing. Bone loss around the teeth is one of many symptoms of peridontal disease - which you want stopped or reversed. I recommend you read this thread and watch the video at the top: DIY Rapamycin Toothpaste and Flossing Paste

I can’t say I’ve noticed any changes in appearance from taking rapamycin for the past 3+ years. If anything has changed, its very subtle. I do think, however, that rapamycin likely helps keep or maintain your facial features in as youthful a condition as is possible right now.

Given that rapamycin slows the aging of most of your body’s organs, and skin is one of the largest organs, I suspect it helps keep your skin youthful but also your facial muscles and tissues young too. So - I suspect it would help prevent the need for “facelifts” because peoples faces won’t sag as much if their skin, tissue and muscles of their face are kept in a more youthful condition.

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