My Skunkwork begins - Rapamycin Powder

Took me over 9 week to acquire 100mg of rapamycin with purity: > 99% by HPLC.

From my posting June 13, 2022;

Syringe is an all glass with lure lock, the only “plastic” part in contact with the solution will be the Curaplex Dart Nasal Atomization Device during administration.


1ml of DMSO

1ml of DMSO added to 100mg of rapamycin


So - you’re going to be using this for nasal administration! Let us know how it goes. It would be great to do a blood/sirolimus level test after the nasal admin, to see how much is getting into your system.


Hi Joseph (and hi everyone :wave:),

I’ve been lurking here for a few weeks, picking up what all you ninja biohackers are laying down and have just started my weekly dose of 6 mg. Since COVID I can’t shake my brain fog though and I don’t know that oral rapa makes it past the BBB seeing as its molecular size is > 900 g/mol and only molecules 400-600 g/mol normally make it.

I’m therefore very interested in intranasal application and somewhat of a DIY power-dabbler. But I have misgivings about using any rapa powder from any source to deliver straight into my brain.

Anything you can share about your process so far? Your supplier of the 99% pure powder? Your overall satisfaction with your DIY delivery method?

I’d be very grateful for all input as I’m headed down the same road vs intranasal delivery.

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Hi medaura, and welcome to the forums!

Be sure to review this thread Intramuscular (IM) + Intranasal (IN) Rapamycin - A new paradigm for human longevity translation

And this thread Sirolimus Powder - 3rd party analysis

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Oh - also this thread may be of interest: Rapamycin and the Issue of Getting Through the Blood Brain Barrier

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