Mtorc2 inhibition Related Side Effects?

My AIC and cholesterol have gone up. I’m not certain this is due to Rapamycin. If I take Metformin (I know all about the side effects pertaining to exercise) and a statin to combat these side effects have I covered all my bases with Mtorc2 or are there other side effects caused by Mtorc2 inhibition?

As a 2nd question, if a statin and metformin are all that are required are there any concerns with taking higher weekly doses?


Hi ABL, and welcome to the site.

Some people here use Metformin (that may be the most common add-on drug, from our poll we did about a year ago asking what people are doing).

Other approaches to moderating blood glucose levels that people are using here include Acarbose and SGLT2 inhibitors, I recommend you read these threads if you haven’t already. There are pros and cons to everything.

As to your second question… what is your definition of “higher weekly doses”?

Certainly you are correct that those two areas are the two ones that are more concerning longer term if you get them (blood glucose disregulation, and lipid dis regulation) - and are mentioned in our survey of people: Side Effects of Rapamycin (part 2)

I was recently listening to the interview with David Barzelai and Matt Kaeberlein where they discussed higher dosing and one of David’s clients (N=1) who was typically taking 20mg/week and also taking a statin and Zetia (Ezetimibe - Wikipedia).


High for me is 6 mg with grapefruit juice 1 hour before, although I’ve discovered that grapefruit juice 12 hours before is ideal. Bryan Johnson folows a 16mg week followed by a 6mg week. I’ve bee considering a biweekly schedule, but if Ezetia and Metformin can mitigate the Mtorc2 side effects, to me it seems reasonable to maintain a high weekly schedule.

My current schedule is to take the Rapa Friday evening, take Metformin Friday evening until Sunday,perhaps Monday. Monday through Friday I workout.

As a sidenote, I have read that while Metformin blunts the effects of exercise, some research indicates that muscles tissue may take on a rejuvenated profile.