James Peyer (Cambrian Biopharma) Has A New Treatment To Extend Life, Plus A Possible Landmark Weight-Loss Drug (Forbes)

James Peyer is the founder of Cambrian Biopharma, the venture capital company funding the new Rapamycin-like drugs (mTor inhibitors) being developed by Tornado Therapeutics / Jane Mannick.

He discusses rapamycin a bit in this video, but (perhaps since he’s developing a new drug that competes with rapamycin), he highlights possible side effects seen in cancer patients at high doses, which are not typically seen in lower dose longevity applications. See: Yes, the Dose Really Does Make the Poison (Skeptoid Blog)

James Peyer is the CEO and Founder of Cambrian. Peyer’s goal with his pharma-bio company is to create healthier drugs that lengthen lifespans and improve overall health in individuals. Peyer was previously Managing Partner with Apollo Ventures, the first global longevity-focused venture capital firm. He is a graduate of UT Southwestern (National Science Foundation Fellow) with a PhD in blood and stem cell biology. James and Diane Brady speak at the Founder’s Forum North America Summit about Cambrian’s newest business developments, timelines of producing Cambrian’s products and how a healthier lifestyle holds as much influence as good medicine.

0:00 Introduction
0:13 The Start of Cambrian
3:09 From PhD Scientist to Venture Capitalist- How Did James Do It?
4:34 The Development of Cambrian
6:15 What Is The Cambrian Impact?
8:31 How Does It Work?
11:01 Drug Development And Entrepreneurship Battles
13:10 Timeline And Regulation: Will Cambrian Be Available Soon?
16:33 What Is James’ Mission?
17:19 A Healthier Lifestyle Is The Drug
19:40 What Else Is On Cambrian’s Radar?

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Anyone have any info about the AMPK activator he’s talking about?