A Great, Short Video, Joan Mannick on Rapamycin (Hevolution Conference, Day 1)

A fantastic, 2 minute summary of why we take Rapamycin, from Joan Mannick:

Thankyou @Agingdoc Hevolution Foundation Conference with Joan Mannick on Rapamycin!

And, you can watch (this evening, California time) the Day 2 of the Hevolution Healthspan Conference here:


Hevolution Foundation should fund a rapamycin trial or mTOR inhibitor trial, it can be proprietary as long as it’s good… It would create a lot of goodwill in healthspan/longevity communities and beyond.
As Joan says, it has evidence in every organism for a lifespan/healthspan benefit and if they choose a proprietary compound it will make them money if it works.


I’m surprised that Dr Mannick is so adamant but I am also pleased. I agree it must be true that rapa is helpful. This is why I am onboard this train. Now, as far as dosing level, schedule, combinations with lifestyle interventions and exogenous compounds…hopefully our safe-ish experimentation will find the answers. My own approach has evolved dramatically in the 6 months I’ve participated. I’d say that now I am trying to be more aggressive AND more careful, which might sound counterintuitive but isn’t.

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It would be nice if they ran 3 RCTs to test daily, weekly and monthly dosing schedules in order to gauge which is most effective.


** @DeStrider DeStrider wrote:**
It would be nice if they ran 3 RCTs to test daily, weekly and monthly dosing schedules in order to gauge which is most effective.

Your wish is Adam Konopka’s command :wink: .

The objective of RAP PAC is to identify safe and effective weekly dose(s) for the mTOR inhibitors sirolimus and everolimus that intervene on the underlying fundamental biology of aging. Participants who are 55-80 years old that are free of overt chronic diseases will be assigned to either 6 weeks of sirolimus or everolimus (5 mg, 10 mg, or 15 mg once per week). The investigators will complete the everolimus arm first and then subsequently complete the sirolimus arm of the study. Total time on study would be up to 17 weeks to complete baseline and follow up visits.
Rapalog Pharmacology (RAP PAC) Study - Full Text View - ClinicalTrials.gov

The study is too short to give the real answers we would want — but of course, to get those answers we would want would take 20 years. They’re mostly collecting pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics (effect on mTOR signaling in blood and muscle), and dose-limiting toxicity. The intent is to use the results for followon studies.


Yes - I’ve been pushing for this since the first day that Hevolution was announced. Its such an obvious choice. And from the way Joan was talking it sounds like she’s pushing it also.

I actually think it would be best if Hevolution used generic Rapamycin. The Hevolution foundation faces an uphill battle because (lets face it) they are really just the personal project of a dictator / crown prince MBD, who undoubtedly wants to live a very long time, idealy forever, so the feint that they are strongly “pro healthspan for all” really doesn’t come across as very believable. (even more so when you look at the demographics of Saudi Arabia, which has a very young population).

If they fund a rapamycin trial, as the drug is available cheaply for the entire world, it would be a huge win for them and would go a long way towards giving them at least a little bit of legitimacy (in my view);.


I think people thinking it’s not pro healthspan for all because it’s a Saudi prince funding it are missing the point. There is no way any one person can advance the field of aging to live longer himself without it also being of huge benefit for the rest of the population. It’s not like new discoveries will be hidden and only available to him.