Is methylene blue useful?

ITP chart*5jDjHTVs2Cc_QPymWypguQ.jpeg shows that it’s very mildly negative (not statistically significant) but some people clearly think it has some anti-aging properties

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Seems pretty minimal, only in females:’

Methylene blue (Harrison, 2014) led to a significant (p = 0.004) increase in maximum lifespan that was limited to females and was not accompanied by alteration in median.

More details here:

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Just came across this… a little old (2018) , but still covers a lot:

Methylene-Blue-Cognitive-Vitality-For-Researchers.pdf (327.2 KB)

I’ve used it as a nootropic in a product called Blue Cannatine. It’s great for energizing the brain for interviews and public appearances, except that it turns your tongue and teeth temporarily blue.

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I have been taking about 65mg daily for a few years now, marvelous stuff. The Peter Attia Drive: #38 - Francisco Gonzalez-Lima, Ph.D.: Advancing Alzheimer’s disease treatment and prevention – is AD actually a vascular and metabolic disease?

What benefits do you see?

Unless there is much better human data in males, I would avoid MAOIs since I have tyramine intake from fermented foods, take psilocybin, and I already have some brief orthostatic intolerance. But the main thing is it interacts with my diet.