Importing Rapamycin to Save Money (2)

I generally order 100 - 200 tablets/capsules of things. It would be less expensive to order larger lots. But, for me, it is so much cheaper than U.S. prices I don’t mind.
The typical package I receive is approx 4x5x8 inches. Next shipment I receive, I will post a picture of the package.


Has anyone tried to have a shipment delivered to a post office box? I wonder if a PO address might be more likely to trigger a customs examination.

Got 300 Rapacan in 9"x4.5"x4" box (plus thick wrapper) from Kachhela a few months ago.

Kachhela packages, at least, come with ‘signature required’. (Which has only sometimes been honored by the delivery person.) So PO box wouldn’t work in that case, right?

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Are these being shipped via India Speedpost EMS? I’ve gotten all my packages by speedpost EMS, I think they tend to say signature required, but they always just get dropped on my front doorstep.

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My first two deliveries were just left in the mailbox. The third, postal guy knocked on the door for a signature. Thankfully I was home. But if I hadn’t been home, would expect to get a notice of attempted delivery, and then arrange to pick up or be home for re-attempt, I believe.

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Just wanted to add I received my Acarbose to the UK despite it being “inspected by customs” Parcelforce did manage to send it to the wrong street though despite it being labelled correctly. A nice lady who received it in error just hand delivered to my door.

It had definitely been inspected as was all opened and rummaged through. Made my day.

Jagdish Nikose at RL Pharma has been reliable and makes a good contact.


Received my first order from Oddway. Secure packaging and great customer service


where as u could have ordered the rapa powder for like 1/100 of the price u pay from china as i have been doing.


I’m sure you’ve vetted your supplier and are confident in their product.

But a cautionary note to others, I just want to mention again my experience.

About 2 years ago I was trying to save on rapa by getting powder from China. I got a good price from a Chinese pharmaceutical company that looked reliable and had good references from other users (on another forum).

I asked the representative for a Certificate of Analysis. Several days later she sent me a COA that looked authentic. But when I reviewed it more closely I saw that the molecular weight was wrong. When they altered the certificate they forgot to alter the molecular weight of what they were going to send me. They intended to sell me a cheap look alike harmless white powder. I don’t remember now what it was.

Another buyer actually did buy from them and had his blood tested…it showed zero rapamycin.


A similar experience with these people who tested NMN products ordered on Amazon:

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Please do not trust Chinese products. They will do anything to make a buck. If something looks to good to be true…

Here’s a video on fake food they make using toxic chemicals.


I recall reading that Chinese companies would buy good supplement brands so they could get the good reviews and brand history to sell the supplements now made in china. Does anyone know whether there is anything to this?

Does size matter?

Maybe not. Today my postman delivered three packages from India. I had not expected that one of the packages would be as big as it is.

So, package size and three packages delivered to the same address was a non-problem.


And not a single one was opened by customs!

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And inside one:
The import/export business must be a wonderful thing.

For your amusement:


Crazy! I’ve had that happen in the past too where something is manufactured in the US but I can’t purchase it conveniently or at a decent price (even with insurance) locally so I have to import!

My most recent order from Jagdish Nikose, according to EMS tracking spent a total of 4 minutes from entry to exit at JFK customs. Luck of the draw. It was also the largest order I have placed with him. I have a new mailman and he wanted a signature. The last mailman just left it in the box.


General information, all packages through the US Postal system are photographed/scanned front and back, the area with the shipping information. The data is then used through software to "inspect " the package.

This is how the packages are selected for further opening inspections.


trying to complete an order with Jagdish and Niba Healthcare, Wise won’t allow payment to them anymore… has anyone had success lately with Niba shipping to the US?

I don’t know about this situation specifically - but all these vendors generally have been fine with shipping the product once you get the money to them. I’ve never had one not ship. They want to stay in business. If you do a different payment method - direct bank transfer has always worked for me (direct from your bank, not via Wise, etc.) its fine.