Importing Rapamycin to Save Money (2)

My bank doesn’t make it easy for wire transfers so I was using Wise.
Has anyone ever used Revolut for payment?

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Yes, @rufusdawes I use Revolut to pay my India based suppliers. It is easy. Fees have been increasing a bit. May try something else in future.


Lately, my ‘vendor of choice’ needs a reminder. I didn’t get my shipment after a month and a week so I pinged them asking for a status and they shipped that day. :man_facepalming:


As we say here… dealing with the Indian pharmacies is a lot more like a “craigslist” purchasing experience than :wink:


My first package of 180 count of Zydus confiscated. I used Kachhela Medex and they shipped with CMS. Bummer. The letter from the FDA mentioned the medicine wasn’t labeled as RX.

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I’ve never heard of “CMS” - is that a freight forwarder or something? Usually it just get shipped by Speedpost EMS and works fine (in my experience).


I don’t know either. I know it must be associated with India Post because it uses and India Post tracking number. He said they’ve had problems with Speedpost EMS.


Just received my second delivery. 200 sirolumus 2mg tablets for $195. Delivered in about 10days. Purchase from India I used Let me know if you want specifics. I also get acarbose from India.


What brand of sirolimus did you buy in this situation?

SiiroBoon 2. Sirolimus Tablets

By Kachhela

Manufactured by Park Pharmacy
$195 / 200

Would you like my contact India info?

My order from Kachhela was last booked in Mumbai Foreign Post Office 11 days ago.

I have been waiting for an explanation from Anil.

Just to let you know, Jagdish said it is Diwali in India right now and many companies are shut down for the holidays. He is still working though although his company is not sending anything out until after the holidays.


Stoic, Im from Europe as well … tell me please how much you order?

I guess if we order smaller packages, chances customs will take it is lower.

Can you pay with Paypal maybe?

Also, on the website price for 1 strip/10 tablets is $27 for Rapacan … Im I missing something?

PS. What is Acarbose price?

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Hi Sasa,

here my last order, which I paid with the Wise app (the only method with my supplier):

1- Rapacan 1mg Tablet = 65 USD for 10 Stripes or 100 tablets

2- Glucobay 25 Tablet , Acarbose 25mg = 48 USD for 40 Stripes Or 400 Tablets

3- Shipping (EMS) and handling= 36 USD (USA).

4- Total = 149 USD.

Kind regards


Wow … I pay $4 per Rapamune tablete here.

Rapacan is coated well just like Rapamune?

I can use those contact information from the site to order or you have other contacts?


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I don’t know about the coating, sorry.

I used the information on this forum to contact a reseller in India and I tried a couple of them.


Yes - Biocon rapacan is fine for bioavailability. It has some sort of coating on it.

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FYI - the seller resent it after I got the customs letter, and the second batch came through just fine.


Just noting a successful buying experience from Kachhela on a LARGE order. 540 x 1mg of Zydus Siromus and 1000 x 50mg of acarbose. Good price and took about 3 weeks to arrive. Very pleased.



I’ve ordered rapamycin for my mom from healthspan and paid 576$ for a 6 months supply (4 mg per week, so it’s 6$ per mg). They order it from Dr. Reddy’s pharmacy (and I think it’s manufactured in India but they didn’t confirm it). Now I feel like the price is not justified and I want to switch to a cheaper version.
I want to order more rapamycin for my mom and myself.
I have Revolut and I’m recovering my Wise account.
Is there a fool-proof guide for doing it? Maybe someone will be willing to share the information.

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