Hello Everybody! I have a Dog dosing question about Rapamycin

Hi There! I’ve just joined this community and This is the first time I have every posted anything like this, so I hope I am doing it correctly…,This place is and it is truly an amazing resource.

The questions I have are rather urgent and I haven’t been able to get a concrete answer anywhere. Despite the vasts amounts of useful information.

The most stressful query I am trying to get a solid answer to has to do with Dosing. My Baby is 7 pounds, a chihuahua /Yorkie Mix who is now in her teenage years “,

I can’t seem to find anything similar discussing dosing for such a small breed and age.so any insights would be much welcome. (I should mention that Bella’s pre test results came out amazing, from the blood work, to the ultrasound she is a HEALTHY DOG .

Also, there seems to be no availability of the 0.5mg dose for sale, from the websites I provided.where can I purchase 0.5mg of sirolimus for my little one, the higher does will have to wait for now.

The reason for my urgency is because she is scheduled to undergo intensive surgery for the removal of her bilateral mammary gland growths. The surgery is more preemptive, as there is no indication the growths are Malignant .

With this in mind I’d like for her to be in the best shape, and recover from it like a rockstar, and hopefully with the aid of rapamycin it will be a quick and painless recovery., this also meanss I need it delivered ASAP, and am willing to pay the slightly higher prices for just a few pills, if it means getting it in time.

I live in NYC btw, and have ordered pharmaceuticals from India many times, it’s just the length of delivery and the complex payment options that are hinderences.

I hope I haven’t burdened all of you for no reason, but anyone with some expertise or knowledge regarding the situation,would be most welcome, you guys are the Experts! Any input, resources, advice or direction of any kind would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much,
With most Sincerity

Avash and Bella,


Hi and welcome to the site. We have a page that is all about rapamycin for dogs - so I recommend you review that page: How Do I Get Rapamycin for My Dog?

Also, since your dog is so small, you should also read the discussion on rapamycin for cats: Rapamycin for my Cats?

You mention your dog is scheduled for surgery, but you didn’t say how far in the future. Generally you want to take a break from rapamycin at time of surgery and during healing to maximize wound repair. Rapamycin can slow healing (since it slows cellular growth) - so its generally a good idea to stop at least a week prior to surgery, and wait until fully healed before starting.

Buying the .5mg size of rapamycin is quite a bit less common than the 1mg and 2mg tablets. Some of the Indian pharmacies we have listed supply them - but I’m not sure which ones - you’d have to check. Also - there are also some of them that send quite quickly and since NY is a major transport HUB you may get your order in 8 days to 10 days. You can read through the comments in this thread and see which suppliers tend to provide quickest: Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Pharmacies