GDF-11 supplemtation in addition to Rapamycin

I am taking Sirolinus 6mg/week and considering GDF-11 as well is anyone taking both?

I suspect that most people aren’t able to source GDF 11 and the titrating dose is hard to workout. I believe the only way is through Steve Perry’s site. But he charges 15k. Which is really steep for regular human beings.

We’ve discussed GDF11, but I don’t think anyone has yet reported using GDF11 here: GDF11, Elevian News Story - NYTimes

By the way - you can see a list of what people are reporting as using - both in terms of drugs, peptides, etc. and supplements, in our user survey here: Rapamycin User Survey #2 - Please Respond

Sadly, I forgot to include GDF11 in the list, but will next time we run the survey.

This is a great youtube video on GDF-11 by Lance Hitchings and here is where you can get the GDF-11, at Bucky Labs Steve Perry’s recommendation

In the Video notes you can also see dosing requirements.

You do not have to pay the $15k to get into GDF-11 but you do need to watch a lot of biomarkers to make sure this is working for you. All of the details are described in the Lance video.


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Thanks, I’ve seen this. I think I’m a little nervous about working out the titration level. It does sound incredibly promising though.