GDF-11 supplementation in addition to Rapamycin

I am taking Sirolinus 6mg/week and considering GDF-11 as well is anyone taking both?

I suspect that most people aren’t able to source GDF 11 and the titrating dose is hard to workout. I believe the only way is through Steve Perry’s site. But he charges 15k. Which is really steep for regular human beings.

We’ve discussed GDF11, but I don’t think anyone has yet reported using GDF11 here: GDF11, Elevian News Story - NYTimes

By the way - you can see a list of what people are reporting as using - both in terms of drugs, peptides, etc. and supplements, in our user survey here: Rapamycin User Survey #2 - Please Respond

Sadly, I forgot to include GDF11 in the list, but will next time we run the survey.

This is a great youtube video on GDF-11 by Lance Hitchings and here is where you can get the GDF-11, at Bucky Labs Steve Perry’s recommendation

In the Video notes you can also see dosing requirements.

You do not have to pay the $15k to get into GDF-11 but you do need to watch a lot of biomarkers to make sure this is working for you. All of the details are described in the Lance video.


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Thanks, I’ve seen this. I think I’m a little nervous about working out the titration level. It does sound incredibly promising though.

I have been using both GDF-11 and Rapamycin for about 2 months and don’t feel any different, however I exercise daily and do Red Light therapy and a bunch of fiber/vitamins.

I am curious about anyone else that is doing GDF-11 and seeing results. I have gained 5 pounds of muscle mass which is the one positive effect that I can point to.

Here is where you can get GDF-11 it is very easy and cheap, the $80 will last a couple of years.

Here is where you can calculate the titration.

If anyone is trying both I would like to hear your results.


I haven’t tried GDF 11, but I am very curious. Have you been tracking your biometrics? I remember Steve Perry saying that he had some pretty severe symptoms at first, till he learned the correct dosage.

Steven Ow,

Do you have anything to report on your GDF11 experience?



I can’t feel much difference but when I do extreme work in the yard such as digging a ditch 30 feet long and 3 feet wide I can do it all day without getting too fatigued. When I was in my 50’s this amount of work would kill me and I could only do a little bit.

Can you please share your dosing regimen? How much, how often (and correct me I’m wrong, people are primarily doing this by injection right now - aren’t the?)

The link you sent to where you buy it mentions >90% purity… that’s not very confidence inspiring for an injectable product. Speaking of which, how and where do you inject it? Does it need to go into the blood stream or is intramuscular injection fine?

And any idea what that almost 10% impurity is?

p.s. thanks for bringing this up, I’d never heard of this compound before so it’s nice to learn something new.

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Yes, I’ve been injecting GDF11 for about 3 years now. I’m 66 y-o.
My rapamycin dose is low; only 2mg/week.
I had quite a bit of communication with Steve Perry early on but I wasn’t part of Steve’s group. I used to diligently record reaction time, BP, heart rate etc. My reaction times did go down, but I’m not sure that can’t be explained by “practice”?
Now I don’t even record BP or heart rate after I checked my home BP meter and found it needed calibration but nobody can do it!

Effects? I have to say I don’t have concrete evidence of anything. The only noteworthy thing was that I’ve had ultrasound checks of my brachial and carotid arteries and the doctor was surprised they were so clean, with minimal thickening. But that could just be lucky genes (no CVD at all in my Mother’s family.)
I hit the gym (hard) 3 x weekly. I run when the weather is nice. I have plenty of energy. Sleep well; eat well. I read, watch TV without glasses.

The thing that I’ve never really been able to understand is that the dose I was taking was so tiny it was the equivalent of the GDF11 found in about 1ml of blood! So how could that possibly have any effect?

To complicate matters, I also inject Klotho, but this time I went for 10 x the suggested dose. I’ve reported in another thread that my plasma phosphate is now half the level it was. That could be a Sirolimus effect and/or a Klotho effect.

Working on a supplementation regime to increase Klotho above normal levels. I have been researching this for about a year and identified about 70 small molecules and supplements that increase Klotho. Another pair of eyes on this project would be welcome. Thanks, Michael

I’m in the very early preliminary stages of considering this, not even close to being ready to inject myself. However, hypothetically, if I were interested in doing so, would it need to be an intravenous injection via syringe? Or could it also be an intramuscular shot? I’ve used needle free pressure powered guns in the past, like what some diabetics use to self inject, and I’m much more comfortable with that administration route than anything intravenous.

How often do you inject and at what dose? And how do you measure reaction time?

FYI this source lists a much higher purity level (klotho available also):

I just do my dilution with bacteriostatic water. Freeze my stock solutions. I keep the vial for injections in the fridge at +3C.
I use 1ml insulin syringes with a 6mm needle. So it’s just subcutaneous really; into my butt. I inject once per week.