DIY Rapamycin Toothpaste

Periodontal disease (periodontitis) is a chronic oral disease impacting over 70% of older adults, where inflammation of the tissues supporting the teeth results in loss of connective tissue attachment, bone, and ultimately the tooth. The greatest underlying risk factor for periodontitis is age, and its association with other age-related diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer disease, highlights the importance of oral health.

Beyond the important health factors, there are also significant visual and cosmetic aspects of dental and oral health. A somewhat common expression for when a person looks “old” is the description of a person getting “long in the tooth”. The reference here is the immediate and significant visual differentiation of younger vs. older people based on the perceived length of their teeth. Two primary factors that make the teeth look longer with age are gum recession and bone loss from periodontal disease. The teeth are the same length, you’re just seeing more of the tooth if structures around them erode. Importantly, both of these issues seem to be reversed by rapamycin. In other words, research suggests that not only can rapamycin improve your oral health, but it may also make you look significantly younger.

Towards these goals, I am trying rapamycin toothpaste to improve my oral health, and prevent oral health issues. In addition to the weekly use of oral rapamycin tablets, I’m going to start trying this rapamycin toothpaste / floss paste, based on the research done previously on rapamycin and oral health: Rapamycin Rejuvenates Oral Health in Aging Mice

There is also a new clinical trial (being done at University of Washington/Jonathan An) trying to further increase oral health with topical rapamycin toothpaste, etc, as outlined in this study initiative: New Study Funded: Towards reversing periodontal disease using Rapamycin

My plan will be to check with dentist measures of tooth pocket depth and compare over time, pre and post treatment.

On the next page I document my step by step process for creating my rapamycin toothpaste and flossing paste (I’ll dip my floss sticks into the formulation prior to use, and before brushing).

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