Reverse Gray Hair, Hair Repigmentation

Thank you. It was that article that led me to believe that 1.25mg was enough for hair regrowth in men. I’m curious to see a quote that says 2.5mg is the effective minimum dose for men and 1.25mg in women, as the poster I was replying to suggested. Is it in this article and I somehow missed it?

Sorry… Scroll down in that thread to here Rapamycin for Hair Growth, Hair Pigmentation, Skin Anti-aging - #214 by CTStan


Transcutol is not sticky - its fine, and I have not yet made the RiverTown formula for gray hair reversal - but will order the required formula components shortly, but have not yet done it.

As @Aman_Arora and others have pointed out, it seems that we need to first disolve the tacrolimus in ethanol. My plan is to then mix it with transcutol which will be mixed with the minoxidil and cyclosporin (and some other ingredients as I think I’ve mentioned in other posts).

I will post a series of photos and details when I do make it, just as I did with the DIY Rapamycin Toothpaste, and another member posted on DIY Rapamycin Skin Cream.


Thanks RapAdmin, I had a great time reading your guidelines and love them, I will wait for the guideline for DIY RiverTown formula, it’s very helpful for the community.

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Rapamycin toothpaste? Haven’t seen that before. What is the hope to achieve? What ingredients?

Its all at the link: DIY Rapamycin Toothpaste

One thing to keep in mind:
Tacromilus is almost 4x as heavy as RT175 (GPI-1485), and - in contrast to the latter - above 500 Daltons. I would 4x the Tacromilus dosage at least (probably 6x).

Edit: And it would still be very safe. The ointment - with a concentration of > x90 - has a systemic absorption rate of 7% iirc for people with certain skin problems.


I’m Chinese. I started taking rapamycin on September 20, 2022, and it has been two months so far. I noticed that one of my white hair (of course, this hair is not pure white, it seems to be gray, nearly white) turned black. However, the pure white hair is still pure white and has not turned black.


The issue about pigmentation is quite interesting. What I have found with my facial hair is that as I shift the biochemistry of cells (and particularly hair follicles) in the direction of functioning more effectively (better differentiation) new hair follicles start up as pigmented hair, but previous follicles which were producing white hair continue to produce white hair and don’t get pigmented. I think it may be the case that if you have any hair with weak pigmentation it can get stronger. However, here’s a photo:

Getting my bald patch to produce hair is, however, quite a long process. It appears to be gradually happening, but advancing in a similar manner to which it receded over 20-30 years. I don’t think it has stopped advancing yet, but I don’t know.


That’s your beard, isn’t it? Do you have a before-picture of that region? Whatever you do - it seems to be working.

I have not historically kept facial hair (it is my beard) because it didnt really work. I have a photo from 2018 that sort of shows this, but not on this device. In a general sense i do think i have shifted my biochemistry to enable cells to function better.

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Personally I use it for healthy gums and to prevent age related gum recession. I only use it with an electric toothbrush to massage my gums. I use baking soda for my teeth.

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Has anyone else tried to make the repigment concoction? I now realize that ordering small sizes of tacrolimus and cyclosporin was a probably a mistake: opening them proved extremely difficult because the capsules were so tiny - like one eighth of an inch.

I am about to order my medications for this formulation. Was planning on similar to what @Radiata ordered:
Cyclosporine 25 mg, 7 strips
Tacrolimus 0.5 mg, 7 strips
Minoxidil 10 mg, 300 total pills

But - what size tacrolimus and cyclosporin did you buy? I’m going to order in the next day or two. What would you recommend?

I see cyclosporin typically comes in 25mg, 50mg or 100mg capsules.

And Tacrolimus comes in .5mg, 1mg and 2mg capsules.

It sounds like you would suggest the largest capsules available - is that correct?

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I had the most trouble with 1 mg tacrolimus. They are tiny -presumably to ease swallowing. I couldn’t pry the capsules apart with my fingers. I finally settled on holding the larger side with a small forceps and cutting the smaller side with a scalpel. But the powder went everywhere. I would order very large next time and hope they are easier to pull apart. Then there is the added problem of measuring the correct amount - you’ll need a fairly accurate scale down to .5 gm.The cyclosporine is a liquid also in a sealed capsule, also teeny tiny. I cut the ends off in a beaker so the liquid would stay contained. I think larger would be better for holding and extracting the liquid but you’ll also have to measure quantities. The minoxidil is no problem -it’s a tablet easily crushed by hand or with a grinder.


I went with 25 mg capsules for Cyclosporine, 0.5 mg for tacrolimus, and 10 mg for minoxidil. My thinking was that for a single bottle of 100 ml solution of 2% minoxidil, you’d need:

Cyclosporine: 125 mg (5 capsules)
Tacrolumus: 2.5 mg (5 capsules)
Minoxidil: 200 mg (20 capsules) (500 mg for a 5% solution)

This was the closest way I could get close to the paper quantities, which for a 100 ml solution would be:
Cyclosporine: 120 mg
Tacrolumus: 2.4 mg
Minoxidil: 500 mg (5% minoxidil solution)

This way, you would not need to accurately do partial pills, like if you had bought 2 mg tacrolumus capsules, or larger cyclosporine. A lot of minoxidil is needed, so I went with the biggest pills possible.

I ordered mine at the end of October and it still hasn’t arrived, though Kachhela definitely sent it. Tracking shows that it’s stuck in NY and hasn’t moved in nearly a month, so it’s either been lost or confiscated, though I haven’t received a notice of confiscation. I’m wondering if 300 minoxidil pills was too many. Overall it wasn’t expensive, so I figured ordering a year’s worth of pills for solution would be the way to go. It might be better to order a smaller quantity and just accept more frequent shipping costs. The other possibility is that I just got unlucky and was in the 3% of confiscations mentioned in the “how to order” post.

I’m debating reordering the same quantity or ordering a reduced quantity. I suppose not many people have tried ordering large quantities of minoxidil from India like they have rapamycin. Do you think I was unlucky, or they didn’t like the quantity of minoxidil?


To have a better formula of RiverTown topical solution, recently I searched some papers on how to make topical drugs, but I think I lack the general knowledge, I am going to read the following 2 books to enhance my knowledge on it.

  • Cosmetic formulation: principles and practice 2006
    Heather A.E. Benson (Editor), Michael S. Roberts (Editor), Vania Rodrigues Leite-Silva (Editor), Kenneth Walters (Editor)

  • Cosmetic Formulation of Skin Care Products 2021
    Zoe Diana Draelos(Editor), Lauren Thaman-Hodges (Editor)

I don’t know if these 2 book are good or not, I also afraid if 2006 is out of date, if anyone has read any of them, it would be great to hear your book review, and if anyone can give recommend book lists, I will appreciate it.

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A robust preview of the full-text of the first title is available on GoogleBooks.


For people doing the deep research into chemical formulation, biology, cosmetic dermatology, etc. and want to get a look at the good academic textbooks … the woman who created the website that hosts all the world’s research papers ( ), well, she’s also created a similar site for science textbooks like the one mentioned above.

Like the site for research papers, this is a pirate website, and it has all the same issues around it - the books are being shared for free, the authors are not being compensated for their hard word in writing the books, so lots of ethical considerations to think about. I support authors and I do buy books when I need them. But I also tend to think that if you would never buy the book because you can’t afford it, or if you just want to see if it has any helpful information (e.g. for formulation of this type of topical formula), them maybe its use is justified. I’ll let you make your own decision. The site is:

As an example, the “Cosmetic Formulation” book is available there:

More info:


Based on this info, magnesium stearate is soluble in hot ethanol. The boiling point of ethanol is about 78 C, and the melting point of tacrolimus is 126 C. If dissolving the crushed tacrolimus pills ends up being an issue when mixing the formula, then it stands to reason that we should be able to heat the ethanol to near boiling, mix the tacrolimus (and magnesium stearate) in to dissolve, and not risk harming the tacrolimus. The tacrolimus should dissolve in the ethanol.

@Radiata Just found your post, my tacrolimus pills can’t dissolve in the minoxidil solution, thanks for the information, I will heat it to see if tacrolimus can dissolve in it.

I am not familiar with drug industry, I think there are 2 cases when we put the tacrolimus pills in the cold ethanol:

  1. tacrolimus dissolves in the ethanol, but magnesium stearate remains insoluble in the ethanol.
  2. tacrolimus is firmly compressed with magnesium stearate, because magnesium stearate can’t dissolve in the cold ethanol, both can’t dissolve in the cold ethanol.

Which one is correct?

Here is a formula for 0.1% Tacrolimus, but it didn’t mention the heating process, I am curious if dissolving those magnesium stearate necessary or not?

Method of Preparation: Calculate the quantity of each ingredient for the amount to be prepared. Accurately weigh or measure each ingredient. Mix together the propylene glycol (PG), polysorbate 80, Brij 30, isopropyl myristate, and tartaric acid solutions. Add the tacrolimus and purified water; mix well. Package and label.