Deprenyl - Anti-Aging Drug Proven Effective in Dogs

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Forgive me if I have overlooked it, but has anyone a reason why deprenyl extended the lifespan of older dogs? Does it affect mtor? If not this is a very big deal. Rapamycin is one of very few interventions that helps when started late in life. My dog wants to know how this works.

From the last page (before the references) of the full study.

The mechanism(s) by which L-deprenyl enhances longevity in rodents, dogs, and possibly
people remains undetermined, but one intriguing theory involving a catecholaminergic
> activity enhancing effect has been offered (16, 17). Catecholaminergic (and serotonergic)
activity peaks in rodents during the developmental phase between weaning and sexual
maturity, followed by a steady decline thereafter (17), which correlates with longevity and the
levels of important survival functions such as activity, learning, and sexual performance. Ldeprenyl
enhances the impulse propagation mediated release of catecholamines in the brain
(IS), hence the catecholaminergic neurons work on a higher activity level, which might then
improve performance on the above mentioned functions and prolong life (16).

Direct from the “horse’s mouth”.


Page 5 of the study shows the table of the dogs, with the causes of death of those who did not survive after six months trial length.

The placebo dogs died of:

  1. congestive heart failure
  2. congestive heart failure
  3. mammary gland carcinoma
  4. chronic renal failure
  5. mammary gland carcinoma
  6. anaplastic mammary carcinoma
  7. pulmonary carcinoma
  8. lymphoma
  9. mammary adenocarcinoma
  10. chronic renal failure
  11. neurofibrosarcoma, duodenum

CVD and cancer. Isn’t rapamycin claimed to be cardioprotective and cancer-protective? Do the rapamycin ingesting members need deprenyl?

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“If you wait until you are ready, it is almost certainly too late.” ~ Seth Godin

As shamelessly posted numerous times. From Blagosklonny’s “Rapamycin for longevity: opinion article”

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My point is, if deperenyl only helps in avoiding CVD and cancer, it seems to be duplicative of what is addressed by rapamycin. With regard to catecholaminergic activation, I am looking for other substances with similar mechanisms of action.

It seems, given that they likely act via different pathways (but I just found that there may be some overlap, but in opposite directions…

Findings showed that selegiline increased the level and expression of PI3K, AKT and mTOR as well as decreased the proportion of dark neurons in the CA1 area of the pyramidal layer of the hippocampus. We concluded that selegiline, partially at least, through increases the expression of PI3K, AKT and mTOR as well as decreases the percent of dark neurons in the hippocampus could improve the memory impairment following the ischemia in rats.

But if they are operating on significantly different pathways then they likely impact CVD and cancer in different ways, so thety could be complimentary. All hypothetical right now…


curt504, While reading through this topic a second time your comments got my attention. You’ve been taking deprenyl for 10 years and you can work like a 40 year old although you’re in your late 60s. However, you note no discernable benefits from deprenyl or rapamycin. Well, do you mind telling why you started deprenyl 10 years ago? And, do you mind listing all of the supplements you take? You must be doing something right and I want to know more. Thanks.


Hi Jay, Nice hearing from you. You remember that so called millionaire’s protocol? Long, lots of stuff… Basically I take ALL that. LOL!! I have a swallowing problem so I run all pills through a blend jet, morning and night. Alot of anti inflamatories; curcumin + olive oil 2 T in morning and a splash at night to help the absorbsion of evening curcurmine. Ginger extract, baswalia AND 30 others following that Moderator’s post of that millionair guy. He was about 40yrold.

Dryprenyl was tipped by Dr Deen (??) of FL 15 yr ago and he seemed to be a 1 trick pony Dr. I also take LDN, low dose naltrexon. Buy 50mg pills from India, disolve in 4oz + 1 T of water. Then take 1T per night = 5mg dose. LDN is inflamation quieting… I can’t offer any efficacy comments re dyprenyl or anythig else when one takes like me literally a kitchen sink. I can’t imagine it all is useful. My wife nags and has a point.

And the rapa + sinolitics; Dasinitib + Fisetin (been discredited) + quercetin + berberine + grape seed. No logic, just Dr Green said 20mg rapa every 2 weeks so thats my approx protocol per compliance issues. I do the grapfriuit absorbion protocol only with pink GF concentrate, 1/4 can per rapa dose 2 hr prior to rapa.

The forum has been fantastic. But they don’t cover nootrophics (brain) much. I take a stack; piracetum + oxycetum + Alpha-GPC+bacopa (very important/useful)… etc

Who knows the cost of my pee. :-\ LOL

Not sure all this is helpful. But I’m glad to share. Wishing you the best, curt


Deprenyl is a MAO-B inhibitor which has been used for the treatment/“slowing down” of Parkinson’s disease for years. Also people in Europe were taking it as an anti-ageing medication on a once a week basis. In 2006 another medication from the same group - Azilect was approved by FDA for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease in my opinion not as effective.
It is interesting that it was used on a once a week basis the same way we take Rapamycin!

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Did anyone reach out to the ITP guys?

I would definitely recommend Deprenyl to the ITP guys. It is very well tolerated medication with a long safety record.


Not that I know of. If you have some time to write up something - please do: Feb. 28th Cutoff For NIA ITP Aging Drug Submissions - Ideas for New Testing?

Per another recent thread, Deprenyl has been shown to work synergistically with Polyscias Fruticosa to extend lifespan in both mice and rats. It would be nice to see ITP testing of both. I drink tea made from polyscias fruticosa (aka Dinh Lang or Ming Aralia).

Another top candidate would be dietary nucleotides (RNA/DNA). Perhaps with a higher percentage of DNA vs RNA. There are a half dozen previous studies. The studies were discussed in a separate thread. I believe it is the current record holder for rodent lifespan extension.

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Please tell about the tea and how to get it.

It’s loose leaf tea:

It has some thicker stem pieces that I remove. I fill up one of these to make a single 8 oz cup of tea:

I sweeten it with erythritol sweetener. And it’s palatable. It has this distinct flavor… I think it might be good infused in homemade chicken noodle soup.

It seem there is only one study on the combination of Deprenyl with polyscias fruticosa on mice from 1992, the time Deprenyl was widely used. Any ideas why there are no subsequent studies on the subject or epidemiological studies from the Asian countries where polyscias fruticosa has been used for years for the treatment of multiple medical problems. And thank you for the tea source - will try.

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There were two studies showing that Polyscias Fruticosa extends lifespan. And when taken with Deprenyl, the effect is greater. There was a mouse study and a rat study. The details were discussed in this thread.

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I may be one of the only ones (normally don’t try something first-ish), but I take rasagiline 0.25mg every 5 out of 6 days, taking a break when traveling. This is 1mg tablet bought in India quartered this being my estimate = 1mg deprenyl.

I tried 1mg deprenyl and felt weird / depressed from its side effects. With what I take, I feel really nothing, no side effects, no difference, and it has not interacted with any foods or really anything. Though this is a bit left field, the data on deprenyl is overall strong yet to me it is intolerable so this was my left field “solution.” In general I function substantially better mentally than my age of 51, perhaps this is helping a little but I cannot say either way.

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