Dinh Lang Significantly Increases Lifespan in Mice and Rats

There is a forgotten herb called dinh lang which has been shown to significantly extend lifespan in both mice and rats. I think it would be a good candidate for the ITP trials, if anyone knows the ITP scientists. It also worked synergistically with Deprenyl. The following lifespan data quoted below comes from an archived thread on the Longecity forum that I found on Google search. Scientific name is polyscias fruticosa / policias fruticosum. It might also be known as ming aralia.

Dinh lang extract and deprenyl have some additive effects on prolonging the lifespan of OFA-1 mice. (Acta Physiologica Hungarica 79(2): 119-124 1992)

Group Maximum Lifespan

control 133 weeks

dinh lang 170

deprenyl 162

both 180

This also works in Wistar rats as well. (Acta Physiologica Hungarica 75: 301-302 1990)

Group Average Maximum Lifespan [range]

control 147 to 164 weeks

dinh lang 180 to194

dinh lang & deprenyl 206 to 239


I haven’t found it as a supplement yet. So far I’ve just found tea:



It might be a good supplement especially for older people, but it looks like deprenyl is easier to obtain than Ding lang root extract. Does anyone know of a source for the Dinglang root extract?

“Dinh lang root extract treatment (10 mg/kg/day, orally) for 5 weeks restored cognitive ability in a groupof senescent (22-24-month-old) rats that were unable to develop conditioned avoidance response [6].
The same treatment for 4 weeks significantly improved the performance of young mice and improved retention in both 5-month-old and 19-20-month-old mice.”



Weird. I can’t even find it on Alibaba, even on its other name Polyscias fruticosa extract.

I’m just going to get the tea bags above and drink it twice per day, maybe double strong. Hopefully it tastes okay.

I was only able to find one supplement product available in the US. It’s combined with sulbutiamine:

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It appears that sulbutiamine is a benign, possibly helpful addition to

Dinh Lang extract.

But, the Dinh Lang, Vita+SP product is grossly overpriced in my opinion as both ingredients should be dirt cheap.

I would just stick with the tea for now.

Role of the Synthetic B1 Vitamin Sulbutiamine on Health

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A full discussion on deprenyl here Deprenyl - Anti-Aging Drug Proven Effective in Dogs

It looks like the tea is made from the leaf while the studies were conducted on a root extract

True, although the roots and leaves of herbs often contain similar bioactive compounds. Much of the published research used an extract from the leaves. And in one paper, researchers identified 8 unique compounds in the leaves and roots. But if the root extract is available for purchase somewhere I’d buy it. Otherwise, stuck with the tea and have to hope it contains some of the same unknown chemical responsible for the impressive life extension.

This one is Polyscias Filicifolia, not quite the same as Dinh Lang:

Here’s another one where it’s combined into a beverage unfortunately

Deprenyl/eldepril/selegiline is a prescription medication in USA. It’s used to be very inexpensive and covered by all medical insurances.

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