Creating a database from people here

Hi. I am new in this website. In find rapamycin promising, but stay neutral.

I am an md with multiple publications, so I am more interested on the statistics and biases.

Do we have an excel sheet or similar of those people here? There is actually a bias, as only those who use rapamycin and are happy with the drug here. Those who passed away, or not fans of this drug anymore, because of mild or severe side effects, do not participate anymore.

So it would be fine to have a statistics. I might help to develop a structure if there is none.

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Hi and welcome to the site. We’ve done survey’s of our users - you can see them here:

We’ve also worked with Matt Kaeberlein who got funding ($50,000) from Impetus Grants for a more in-depth survey of users here and with patients of the doctors prescribing rapamycin - you can see the paper published as a result here:

We’ve discussed doing a longitudinal survey and have people interested in working on that … you can see the discussion here: Longevity Journeys - Creating an Aggregated View

Really though, to do a more in-depth, longer term tracking survey needs (in my view) much more… I’m from the software world in San Francisco and I’ve worked on apps for Pharma to track long term outcomes on people to help identify the functional benefits for patients… and it takes a ton of work, a really good app that makes it extremely simple (and as automated as possible) to gather data. And thats more expense and time than I want to put into it.

So, thats were we are right now.


Thank you, interesting. I find them useful. A questionaire for the most common side effects, anemia, or self monitong esr erytrocyte or platalette count etc would be also useful.


I’m still looking at aggregating data. After reviewing with a friend of mine who owns a marketing analytics company, I am going to pivot a little and start with just trying to aggregrate what interventions people are implementing. If you collect health data specifically, you run into regulatory compliance requirements and insurance is required/recommneded for potential hacking. If I get enought people willing to share their interventions (without health data) and I see the willingness, I’ll look to invest in the infrastructure to do more. So, the first part I’m working is basically a funnel.

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