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Interesting. I ordered a batch of Zydus from Kachhela medex and it has now been a month and the person I am in corrospondence with is saying they are still waiting for a new stock. He didn’t say anything about a recall but this is probably related. He even offered a refund or different brand if I don’t want to wait any longer.

New guy here. I tried to order zydus from oddway in early August and they said it was unavailable. Ordered rapacan instead at a cost of 16 usd per box of 10 1 mg tablets and shipping was 25 usd. Order took about 10 days to get to me.

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Welcome to the forum Matt. Thanks for sharing. If you are just starting rapamycin - it would be great if you did a blood test and calculated your Levine Phenotypic age. Then do again 6 months+ afterwards.

More details here: A Friendly, Biological Age Reduction Competition?
Also discussed here: Another Introduction - 56 Year Old Health Enthusiast

Thanks. Appreciate all of you and this forum. It has been a great resource for me to gather info since deciding to try rapamycin. For now I’m planning to do an 8 week cycle like matt kaeberlein and see how I feel. Then perhaps give my dog a similar protocol. No plans for continuous use yet.

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ugh. Was just putting together an order. Thanks for posting this. Let us know when he’s able to ship.

Tough to order Zydus from anyone right now without knowing the Lots affected by the recall. I’ve had more confidence in Zydus, but the lab results for the Rapacan were ok and it seems board member blood tests have confirmed them, so… I guess it’s Biocon this go 'round.

I just got a shipment of Zydus tablets from Jagdish. Which ones were recalled? Why were they recalled?

I wrote Jagdish and this is what he wrote back:

hello sir how are you?

Not all Zydus is recalling. the latest one they have taken back . soon we will receive the new stock of Zydus so you dont worry.

Thank you.



I asked for the lot numbers of the recall and that was followed by:

You received the best lot so you dont worry.

Thank you.



It feels more like they ran out of stock? Should I get my lots tested?

Apparently, he doesn’t understand what a terrible, confidence-harming answer that is.

I’d write back and, again, ask for the lot numbers… I can’t think of a good reason for him to dodge the question. I can, however, think of bad reasons…

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LOL. I also recieved an order of Zydus from a month ago so I’m a little concerned my self but i’m still alive and feel just fine aside from a very tiny mouth ulcer.

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Glad to hear it. I also have a small mouth ulcer. I can live with those. Just use watermelon frost powder. Works like a charm.

I bought from Varun on Indiamart. Lab results confirm that their product was legitimate.

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Just received another email from Jagdish. He has been a reliable supplier in the past. I don’t really know what’s going on with Zydus, but the implication is I don’t think he is going to be shipping Zydus anytime soon.


"If you want we can give you the Rapacan which is having same drug and strength at economical price.

Rapacan 1mg Tablet ; Sirolimus (1mg) ; Biocon = 7 USD for 10 Tablets.
As we received 217.53 Euro

1- Cost of Rapacan 1mg Tablet ; Sirolimus = 182 USD (Quantity 26 Stripes or 260 tablets).
2- Shipping (EMS) and handling= 36 USD (USA).
3- Total = 218 USD.
We can give you 260 Tablets "

Since I have already used Biocon Rapacan in the past I decided to take his offer of 260 tablets for the money I have already deposited into his bank account.


email Anil of Kachhela Medex, i got Zydus pills from him

Anil Gangwani

Can i ask when you last ordered from him? I placed an order from him a month ago and he is telling me that he has been unable to get Zydus from his supplier and he is not sure when it will be available (btw, he has offered me other brands and a refund). I have decided to wait a few more weeks

i ordered back in February, may be situation is different now :roll_eyes:

I ordered mine in July from Jagdish. There was still supply at that time. My contacts in India said that Zydus was very hard to find as they checked the local pharmacies for me and they were all sold out. I think it’s time to move on to Biocon Rapacan. Were there any issues with these?

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Quick update on this. I received the BGPharma order without any import charges and the product is legitimate Pfizer Rapamune with an 18 month shelf life. Looks like they’ll be getting more of my business!


Where did you find the lab results?

I think he might be talking about this lab report, but perhaps he did his own? Rapamycin / Sirolimus from India, Lab Test Report on Quality / Purity

Looks like I will be getting Biocon after finding Zydus in short supply. Now not sure if I should be concerned or not. Are there already users here taking Biocon regularly?

It says $37.60 for 10 mg. That’s not cheap