Bryan Johnson's Longevity Protocol - Your Thoughts?


Fine exercises, but seem like way too much. Those 20 exercises must take 60-90 minutes per day, and they are intense. What’s the advantage over doing those 2 times per week along with a walking or running routine? Big-enough muscles are helpful, but body-builders don’t live longer.

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Exercise is a U-shaped curve. Too little or too much is bad. Mr. Johnson is trying to find the peak amount of exercise that is beneficial. Honestly, it looks good to me.


Its amazing what money can buy you. Plus its not like he’s 60/65 and looking 30/35. Also didn’t see any Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate Monohydrate in his massive list of supplements. He does take a lot of Metformin. I just started on it at age 75 and my recommended dose is 1000 MG a day.


I also started Metformin recently, but take it only when I take Rapa (my schedule for Rapa is different from what most have - I take 1mg/day for 4 days, then break for 12-13 days). My BG has been down for 2 months - from 99 before Metformin to 92. And my non-fasting glucose was 97.


Pro Bodybuilders almost always are on something. Not talking about hobbyists.

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yes - not sure he’s ever going to be 18 again, but he’s moving in the right direction at least.

And its probably a better deal (investment wise, in ROI (Return on Investment) terms) and long term health than many things he could spend the money on.


I thought these were interesting…

I think this device is what they discuss in the first paragraphs of the article:

And, Press coverage on Bryan Johnson’s efforts:

The View:

and Bloomberg

In many ways this is the range of responses you would expect. Personally I don’t think anyone is in favour of sarcopenia, osteoporosis, diabetes and alzheimers.


A critical analysis of Blueprint


Does anyone know what this device is… I think its some kind of cardiac monitoring device - but can’t seem to find it online. I’m just curious about what it is and what it does (from the Bloomberg video above):


It looks like a 3 lead ECG to me.

In my view it is to large a unit for a modern 3 lead EKG. They manufacture 12 lead EKG with interpretation much smaller.

If that interest someone write/email him and ask?

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Hi all thank you for a great site! It seems that he takes 200mg of Acarbose on waking up (not when eating), does this make sense in terms of longevity? I just wanted to add that a paper asserting that it’s the effect on the gut microbe perhaps explains it beyond the reduction of insulin spike when taken with food.

Extension of the Life Span by Acarbose: Is It Mediated by the Gut Microbiota?


Hi Lesta, and welcome to the forums.

On his Blueprint website he says he takes the Acarbose with (or immediately after) his morning “drink” (Green Giant).

Upon waking: The Green Giant

Morning pills

Which makes sense from the glucose spike lowering theory of why Acarbose help’s extend life (Acarbose has about a 2 hour half life, so you want to take it fairly soon prior to eating, or “with the first bite”, and I don’t know if timing would make any difference if the gut microbiota theory is accurate for the longevity effect.

Lots more on Acarbose here: Acarbose - Details On Another Top Anti-Aging Drug

Part of the rationale behind the glucose lowering effect driving the lifespan improvement is because they found the same benefit from another drug that flattens the blood glucose spike: Canagliflozin - Another Top Anti-aging Drug


Thank you, I take 25mg with a carb meal without gastro effects, taking 50mg does bother me. I will look into (as we all should if not doing so already) also taking it upon waking and going to sleep without food. Here is another paper that indicates it may through these mechanisms promote SIRT1 and 6. Extension of the Life Span by Acarbose: Is It Mediated by the Gut Microbiota?

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The device is the AGE reader:

It non-invasively indirectly measures AGEs in the skin by autofluorescence.

I’ve been wanting to try one for long but it’s not common in clinics. It wouldn’t be very useful for tracking purposes because AGE accumulation occurs so slowly, but it’s mostly interesting to see where you are relative to other people your age.

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A quick overview on the device, skin autofluorescence.


Copies of the instrument did not take long.

Age Scanner Hand Held Skin Glycation Measurement Bluetooth Device

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I did look for the cost/price of the original unit from NL all where “Request A Quote”.

That means it is very expen$ive!