Bryan Johnson's Longevity Protocol - Your Thoughts?

Yes, things like reverse sled, poliquin step ups, jefferson curls, atg spilt squats, and nordics have definitely helped me feel more athletic even as I’ve put on a few pounds lifting heavier in more traditional lifts like the deadlift. Jefferson curls have really helped bullet proof my back which could get tweaked fairly often before I added them.


I drink Lactaid, lactose-free, whole milk. I have been drinking it for years with no problems

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No, I am back up to 8 mg/week with no diarrhea.

So Brian is using 13 mg bi-weekly. That sounds pretty good. I am at 3 mg + GFJ weekly. I feel like I can do more…


Another thing I have learned from Brian’s stack is that Ubiquinol is better to buy than CoQ10. Great timing as I just ran out! This is very informative.

it’s better to eat low-bioavailability proteins - they stimulate anabolism/mTOR less

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In that first video he says there are peptides in his morning drink mix. I assume he means collagen peptides which have glycine. Still seems like a lot of NAC though.

I’m not sure on the melatonin. I’ve seen some people advocate lower doses like that can be good for sleep, think Brad Stanfield.

Per the first video he seems to have spermidine in that drink. Looking at the tweets posted I think this is that drink:

Upon waking: The Green Giant

4 oz of water
Spermidine, 2 Tbsp chlorella powder, yielding 13.5mg spermidine
Amino Complex 7.6 g
Creatine 2.5 g
Collagen Peptides 20 g
Cocoa Flavanols 500 mg
Ceylon Cinnamon 1 tsp
1 Tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil [3]
Morning pills

— Max Hertan (@maxhertan) November 23, 2022

Wondering if this is the chlorella or if any decent chlorella would have high spermidine. I had no idea that was a good source.

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Thank you. My mistake.

I think Mike lustgarten also uses very low dose melatonin.

Why spermidine when you already have rapamycin for autophagy?

There are a range of views on Melatonin. My view is that both dose and timing are critical. I am to take Melatonin during the night, but get my first sleep session using purely endogenous melatonin. Because I wish to top up my mitochondrial melatonin I am to take at least 10mg of melatonin each night and if needs be on waking (if I have not taken some to return to sleep). For the benefits to the gums I aim therefore to suck a melatonin tablet. However, I often take megadoses and have had almost a gram during the night although normally is is more like 0.3g. There are two providers of melatonin megadoses in the market that I know of one does 400mg and 200mg and the other a mixture of 200mg and glutathione. These can be useful as well (and when I have a really high dose it is always one or two suppositories as well - I don’t know the comparative bioavailability).

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I’m not sure. Would more autophagy be bad? Similar to if he could take more rapa without side effects. I’m just speculating. The source he is using is also labeled as a kind of super food with other benefits. This is the first I’ve seen it in someone’s stack.

I do also wonder about the glucosamine dose. Seems he is going for more is better there too. The standard is one of his doses afaik.

There are three different main types of autophagy, and rapamycin isn’t thought to be the best autophagy promoter from what I’ve read. Plus there may be different tissue specificity of different autophagy promoters I think.


Thanks for this post for the goals and todos by this over achiever.

#1 I’ll have to reduce the number of pills I take. :slight_smile: (true)

Nice that I can see what his $$$$ has found to be essential and I can work on tossing what is not on his list. Scanning I see I’m taking almost all he his. Not the excersize though. :slight_smile:

I’m not taking acarbose, I stopped vit C (to drop oxalic acid intake), no l-tyrocine, hes taking alot of cocoa/chocolate. I eat chocolate, but hes taking in alot of oxalics. I’m not taking glucosamine.

Much to study here. Thank you and thanks to all. Curt


re my use of; GFJ + the other (forget the enzyme inhibited) ALA + berberine + perperine, and 10-20mg rapa.

What is not apart of the protocol discussion is the state / form of the rapa pills. Are they enteric, powder, soft pills? What is the rapa doing in the stomach? I don’t have data but I suspect the form of rapa taken post the GFJ + other stuff is affecting the blood levels.

Given my sources of rapa are varied, some chinese powder, 2 forms of indian pills, I felt forced to do MANY experiements with post blood testing. I had many failures with very low blood levels till i read here (thanks all) for all the stuff to take WITH GFJ, wait 2 hours, draw blood within an hour of taking the rapa… Whew. Finally I started getting decent blood levels; >20ng/ml (?? the metrics).

I would wish that folks posting protocols would blood test and post the blood levels AND detailed description of the form, vendor, of the rapa taken. Its just $99 to blood test via labcorp. You contact via phone and ask to buy the serolimus blood test.


My thoughts? It’s bad.



I just watched Richard Miller interview, he mentioned 6 promising drugs that showed lifespan extension in ITP

The 4 winning drugs:

  1. Rapamycin
  2. Acarbose
  3. 17-alpha estradiol
  4. Canagliflozin

And the other 2 drugs:

  1. Meclizine
  2. Astaxanthin

Contrary to Brian Johnson’s complex Longevity Protocol, I think focusing on these 6 drugs is more promising. Things like fish oil, green tea, NR, fisetin, curcumin… all were popular before, but when ITP tested them, they all couldn’t increase lifespan. Mixing bunches of supplements which didn’t increase lifespan would not be the top priority, if we truly want to extend lifespan.

Of these 6 promising drugs, Astaxanthin and 17-alpha estradiol looks like having the most tolerable side effects.

But 17-alpha estradiol is too expensive and there is no oral drug on the market. Astaxanthin is also very expensive, it’s estimated $4,500 per month to get the 3.5 grams to get the similar effect in ITP, however synthetic Astaxanthin is much cheaper Astaxanthin, Natural vs. Synthetic - Your Thoughts?


It looks like he doesn’t eat any or enough meat. I didn’t see any mention of meat in the posts in this thread.


I think apart from Collagen he is vegan.