Bezos' Altos Labs Officially Launches with $3 Billion in Funding


Good news on the cellular rejuvenation projects being researched by Altos Labs.

Klausner’s new biotech is reminiscently named Altos Labs, partially exposed last fall by a scoop from MIT Technology Review’s Antonio Regalado, who put billionaire Jeff Bezos in the funding room with Milner on a story headlined as “Silicon Valley’s latest wild bet on living forever” that pictured Bezos’ head on the weary knight Max von Sydow plays on the classic Bergman film The Seventh Seal as he plays chess with death.

To hear Klausner tell it, though, that kind of loony, billionaire escape route to immortality is not what he has in mind at all.

Altos Labs Press release:

News Coverage of Altos Labs’ launch

The Economist Magazine Full article: A $3bn bet on finding the fountain of youth

Altos Labs Website:

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Wow! Exciting times we live in. Shinya Yamanaka definitely gives them some Street Cred.


The entire list of founders, SAB, and funding gives this startup much more street credit than pretty much any other biotech startup…

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