Any Longevity experts or very smart pt.. enter. Help me please

Hi. I wanted to know if anyone can help me figure out where to go as far as working on developing a cure for mortality. I know about the lengthening of telomeres and if the rate is too much the rate of cancer can increase so you would need cancer protection things going on in the body to counteract the telemore lengthening. But how would I literally do it… like what technology can I buy and how can I test it to see if it works like what dna should I use and what animals? I’m new to this but I really want to learn because I believe if one can just learn what the body can do then one can achieve this feat. I heard about CRISP and other technologies. Where can I start?


Hi, welcome to the site.

I appreciate your enthusiasm and interest… but its a really hard problem (the biology of aging). There are litterally billions of dollars being invested in this area right now, in startup longevity biotech companies, and smart researchers at major universities and research groups. They’ve been working on it for decades… and the momentum is building, but its still early in the process.

If you are interested in the field - I recommend you do a lot of reading. It sounds like you’re just starting in this area, so you have a lot to learn. Here are some articles to get you going on this effort:

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and read through our “news” section of postings here: News - Rapamycin Longevity News

And listen to all the podcasts on this field. We have a few lists on our site:

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I might get kicked out the forum for this depending how infiltrated y’all are but I believe they already found the cure. They just won’t give it out. So that would mean it’s possible which would mean that if you was to do your own research and tests you can do it. I think if one was to really think and isolate and enhance and cut certain points in the body or cells that it would save time. Just the knowledge of the human body and how it works would already save you time so you can know what areas to tackle and work on. So once that’s done you should be able to get results I feel and I want to think it shouldn’t cost that much money to test things out when protoplasm is immortal and jellyfish have immortal cells. I’ll see how far I can go before get to a block. Thanks for the articles. I’m gonna look into them.