List of Longevity / Longevity Biotech Podcasts

A good source of longevity science & biotech podcasts (compiled by Karl Pfleger, former Google AI guy, but now a leading Longevity Biotech investor in the SF Bay Area):

Translating Aging
Aging Journal Podcast
We’re Not Getting Any Younger… Yet.
Longevity By Design
Longecity Interviews
H-Span by A4LI
Rejuvenation Roundup Podcast
Live Longer World
Longevity Forum Podcast
Lifespan with Dr. David Sinclair
Aging Science Podcast by VitaDAO
AgingDoc Podcast - (on the popular Podcast platforms, and YouTube)
The Longevity Biotech Show
Learning with Lowell
The Simple Biotech Podcast
The BioVerge Podcast (podcast platforms and YouTube)
Foresight Institute Podcast
The Drive
Found My Fitness
Nutrition Facts Podcast
Inside Medicine
Phaedon Podcast
HumanOS Radio


I don’t like to listen to podcasts in general, neither do I like to hyperoptimize and have every waking moment be a productive one. Podcasts are useful in so far they are a pointer to a specific topic that’s important, like the Allan Sniderman and Thomas Dayspring discussions for apoB/LDL targeting with Peter Attia.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to generally listen to them unless you enjoy it. It’s not going to help with healthspan.

I find they are fun to listen to while I’m exercising… to each his own.


As entertainment, sure.

Large lifespan increases will come from published therapies, not something heard on a podcast.

@RapAdmin Thanks for sharing! I’ll check (some of) them out.

Two key podcasts missing from that list are Krister’s Master One Thing and Joseph’s Wise Athletes.


@RPS Thanks! WiseAthletes isn’t about longevity exactly but much of longevity is based on the same foundations as athletic performance for older athletes.

Now Krister’s Master One Thing is exactly on point for longevity.

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I hate to admit it because you sometimes come across as quite hostile, but then again you sometimes express my inner thoughts. :laughing: