22 Longevity leaders who take Rapamycin

Bill Faloon, the cofounder of Life Extension Foundation, takes 5-6mg/weekly dose of Rapamycin. Here is the latest version of the list with now 17 longevity leaders who also take Rapamycin. With the female edition it’s 22. If I have missed someone just let me know.


Adding their approximate age too might be helpful


It would be helpful to know their ages. Providing dosages without any context isn’t very helpful unless the goal is simply to “promote” Rapamycin.


I’d be interested in their height and weight as well but that’s probably getting too personal.

@blsm, @AJD, @qBx123Yk I tried to get info on weight, height and age but it feels like it gets too personal because I have not got answer on those questions when I have asked. But I have one other project ongoing that will probably provide this info in future in a nice natural way :pray:


I’m not to worried about height and weight. There seems to be some consensus on 0.1 mg/kg. And that correlates with my casual knowledge of most of their body types. But age would be useful-- and it’s not so personal. Many on this group are quite young. But for those of us middle-aged and above, the scale from dosage at 40, 50, 60, etc is quite relevant.

In particular, I would really like to know Matt Kaeberlein’s rationale for cycling as opposed to continuous dosing. I knew that he had done that a couple of years ago when he first took it for his shoulder. I find it interesting that he is still doing it. Since he’s the outlier in the group, and probably the most rigorous of the researchers, that would interest me…(especially as I have just completed my 10th week)…

I guess you meant 0.1mg/kg and not 1mg/kg?

I will see if I can get the age in there by using google on them and on those I don’t know I will skip the age for now.

Next time I interview Matt I will ask him about his rationality about cycling and not :+1:


Hello Krister
Your list shows each person’s dose/week. Do you know whether these are once-per-week doses, or are they taking small doses daily to total these weekly numbers?
Thank you!

I’m surprised that Blagosklonny is only on 8mg weekly.

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For longevity purposes rapamycin is typically only dosed once per week or sometimes once every two weeks (Bryan Johnson)

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In the dose regime when it says weekly it’s once per week. That is the most common dose regime used.

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Indeed I did mean that. Thanks! (I wouldn’t want to be responsible for someone dosing themselves off my typo)!
Yes, very interested in the cycling rationale.

The weekly dosing is so that the drug reaches its peak quickly, and then clears from the body completely before the next dosage. If you take it daily at a fractional dosage you likely keep a continuous blood level but don’t ever have as high a peak concentration or ever clear it out completely.