Celebrities taking Rapamycin?

Does anyone know if there are some celebrities that are taking Rapamycin?
I am curious if Rapamycin reached any popularity in non-scientific environments

Probably about 40% of celebrities take unproven “longevity” treatments like growth hormone, testosterone, estrogen, embryonic stem cells, blood transfers

From what I know, the only celebrities that are taking Rapamycin are:

  • Bryan Johnson
  • David Sinclair
  • Peter Attia
  • longevity researchers
  • no Hollywood actors / models/ etc

No, no real celebrities that the average person would recognize I don’t think. Krister did his list which is a good summary as it is today: 22 Longevity leaders who take Rapamycin

I think things will change quickly though - with Bryan Johnson living down in Southern California and getting a lot of press, I’m sure people like Kim Kardashian are hearing the buzz and learning about his protocol, so this year I think we’ll likely see an explosion of use and publicity… but perhaps it will take longer.


I suspect Chris Hemsworth takes Rapa given the doco he did with Dr Attia:

If he does - good on him too :+1:t3:


Maybe he convinced Arnold as well?


@PolishGentleman My goal is to release a new version of the list next week probably. If you or someone else finds someone who is missing in the list just send me a message or comment here.

I know that David Sinclair is not taking Rapamycin. He has tried it once but he is currently not taking it. If you find any source where he says he has started again please let me know.

@DMac Interesting thought there! I think Peter said in one of his podcast that around 30% of his patients are taking rapamycin. It can be that I remember the number wrong but it was quite many. One curious thing would be to get a feeling of who his patients are :slight_smile:

@Ilya_M Do we know why Peter met Arnold?


I don’t now. Will try to figure out.
Recently Arnold gave interview to THR where he stated that he’s planning to live forever.

It was a bit ironic I guess but the fact that he also met with Peter means he definitely wants to do something about it.


Ah, super interesting, he is probably checking out what physicans to choose among. Peter is probably among the top ones. Let me know if you find anything more :+1:


Can’t find anything besides Arnold recommending Peter’s book

I also remembered that Hugh Jackman recommended it too and called Attia his friend

I guess longevity is discussed among movie stars, not publicly though. And Peter’s name pops up in such conversations among the first.


Did Peter Attia mentioned anything about Rapamycin in his book? (I ask because I didn’t read it)

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I strongly suspect that Tim Ferris is taking rapamycin given the frequency of it coming up in his podcasts, and that he is a patient / friend of Peter Attia’s. @Krister_Kauppi , I suggest you reach out and ask him. (admittedly, Tim is more of a quasi-celebrity with a specific audience of people who have read his books and follow his podcast)

And yes - I bet Hugh Jackman is taking rapamycin given his ties to Peter Attia.

Also - Alex Zhavaronkov takes rapamycin (he talks about it on twitter) is a bit of a celebrity in the biology of aging field, as he runs the ARDD aging conference, and also Insilico Medicine: 80% of Longevity Experts Predict Significant Benefits for Rapamycin in Humans


Yes - lots on rapamycin in his chapter 5 of the book. But I would say its more of a soft sell… he doesn’t talk as much about his or his patients using it. More of a backgrounder on rapamycin and introduction without a ton of details.


I don’t think Tim Ferriss takes it. I have tried to dig quite much there and if he would have taken it I’m pretty sure he would speak about it. Here is a podcast from 2021 with his friend Kevin Rose who has tried Rapamycin.

“Like am I using Metformin? No. Am I using Rapamycin? No. Would I consider it? Maybe at some point.”
Source: Tim Ferriss Thinks the Longevity Obsession Is Misplaced - PodClips

But Hugh Jackman is a really good guess. That would be very interesting to dig little bit there. I see what I can find :pray:

Regarding Alex Zhavaronkov he is most likely taking Rapamycin but he does not want to reveal his dose regime of some reason. I have asked him some times without any luck. But if you find anything let me know.


Filmmaker Darren Aronofsky is also tied to Peter Attia, he made the doco with Chris Hemsworth. Also incidentally Hugh Jackman has starred in one of Darren’s movies… about immortality (The Fountain). The Whale by Darren also has the main character googling his symptoms and finding studies.


I doubt many celebrities would want to highlight what prescription drugs they are taking.


Why is it like that? They are so open on other interventions they practice.

I think it’s more about the ease with which others can obtain whatever else they are promoting versus the fact that apart from us people in the know only an MD will allow people to obtain prescription drugs.
Just a gut feeling I have.

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Traditionally that has been true, but it seem that the social media crowd are sharing everything now, in part to shock and surprise their viewers/followers and get more attention. I suspect that if/when Kim Kardashian starts taking rapamycin it would probably be something she’d post about on social media, if for no other reason that it would get people talking about her more…

Remember… this quote (and taking rapamycin is a heck of a lot easier and more enjoyable than eating poop).

and of course, it might be a good idea to get a year or two supply of rapamycin sooner rather than later, because the moment that Kardashians post anything on social media about taking rapamycin, its going to be sold out globally for a long time…


……which won’t be very good for transplant patients who need it to stay alive. 1 death as a result and it will be all over for her reputation.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Kim K already takes it.


I wonder what the side effect profile of that would be :slight_smile:

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I see the issue more of one for the purchases of rapamycin off-shore. There are only a few dozen doctors prescribing rapamycin right now for longevity in the US. They are a bottleneck. If it suddenly becomes of interest to a larger percent of the US population due to some social media star I suspect the demand would quickly overwhelm the few dozen doctors currently prescribing, so people would default to the off-shore approach.

I think the transplant patients would always be able to get their medications via the standard medical channels, but who knows…