10 Longevity Leaders Who Take Rapamycin

Here is a snapshot summary of 10 longevity leaders who take rapamycin and their dosing. See also the in-depth post on Longevity Leaders who are taking rapamycin. Have I missed someone? One interesting thing is that most take it weekly and the average weekly dose for females (4.5 mg) and males (8.66mg) is good aligned with the statistics what 346 people are also doing (5.36mg and 7.93mg - see previous post)

Additional Rapamycin Information Summaries


Your dosages seem off. It detracts from the chart. At best you’re taking a snapshot in time and giving a dose that has changed before and since.


These are the doses that I have latest heard that they use. I fully agree that the dose regimes changes over time but it’s quite nice to have an snapshot overview. My goal is to update the doses as I get new information. If you see anything that is wrong or something else you are always welcome to post here or send me a direct message :pray:


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FYI: on the People Who Are Taking Rapamycin for Longevity chart…I am now back to taking 6 mg weekly. When I started originally at 6 mg weekly, I developed anemia (low iron & low hemoglobin). I decreased my dose to 6 mg bi-weekly for 3 months and started taking a daily iron supplement. After 3 months, I rechecked my labs and things had normalized. I went back to 3 mg every week and my labs have remained normal.


Hi thanks for this info. My ferritin is abit on the low side (30) , this was before starting the rapa dose of 6mg weekly, under 30 is considered low. I’m thinking about taking iron tablets once or twice a week while taking 6mg rapa weekly, hopefully this keeps it from dropping below 30.


Hi Jensen,
Please track your progress and report it to us…

Thanks, Ross

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M. Blag is taking a much lower dose every other day. Dr. Green starts women at 3–4 mg and men typically at 6 mg. I have never heard him mention 12 mg for himself weekly. I would be shocked if Matt B is taking rapamycin currently. If he is, he will be taking a long break soon. What is your source for the Peter Attia dosage? Seems high.

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August 3rd Instagram:

On the topic of dosing, for what its worth, here is the latest update on what dose Peter Attia is taking of rapamycin per week (it would be interesting to know if he prescribes that high with his patients).

From Peter’s Instagram feed:


Thanks for your feedback!

Do you have a link or source were Blagosklonny mentions that he takes a lower dose every other day? Would be interesting to read about that. I got that feedback also on another place but haven’t got any source.

Regarding Alan Green he went also up to 20mg biweekly for a short period of time but because of side effects he lowered the dose. In the spring this year in one of the UW Rapamycin Study AMA:s he mentioned that he was taking 12mg weekly.

Regarding Kaerberlein he did try rapamycin for a short period of time to treat frozen shoulder (successfully). But in one of the UW Rapamycin Study AMA:s he mentioned that he is taking it weekly.

I know Peter has been frustrated when he has been experimenting in this area. In a instagram comment this late summer he wrote to a commenter that he was currently on “8 - 10 mg (weekly)” peter attia on Instagram: "The only downside I can appreciate of taking rapamycin for “geroprotective” gain… right here ladies and gentlemen."

If you find any updated information on the dose regimes let me know and I update the information :pray:

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Super thanks for sharing this, Ross! I will update your dose regime. Really interesting also about the iron levels. Have you created a thread here about that? Would be interesting to hear if other has had that problem also.

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Matt Kaeberlein has previously stated that he takes rapamycin once weekly (6 to 10 mg) for 10 weeks, and then cycles off for a couple of months.

At around the 1 hr 15 min mark on this STEM-Talk podcast episode from August 2022, Matt Kaeberlein discusses his rapamycin dosing regimen:


A great finding! I will listen to the episode and update the data from this. Because this is the latest data in the topic. If you find any other new information regarding the other let me know :pray:

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@Krister_Kauppi Great thread you have started. The follow up to this questions is the follow up. The dosing helps us decide where to start, but to know how to adjust would be nice as well. When our experts keep changing their dose, is it because of new information, lab changes, side effect issues or just bored / plateaued on their current dose? An algorithm of good starting doses based on your age, health status and base line labs and then lead into follow up labs, side effect issues and positives may help with how to adjust.


It would be meaningless without knowing if you are a fast or slow metaboliser of rapamycin (I’m a fast metaboliser btw, quite rare for a European, common for Africans)


And without knowing body weight…


Dr. Green started using 20 MG every fortnight because he was using Dast/Querc every other week. It had nothing to do with side effects. Although in the video last month he said that weekly dosing was best but I couldn’t tell if he had gone back to that himself. He recommends weekly dosing to his patients. Peter Attia always cycled off of rapamycin. 8 weeks on and 6 weeks off. Then he stopped cycling off. But the last video I heard he seemed to be leaning towards eight weeks on and five weeks off. This is why a chart like you propose is misleading at best.

M. B. switching to lower doses every other day was in the video with himself, Dr. Green and Matt B. There seemed to be a health reason that he did not disclose.

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Yes, it would be very interesting to get some feeling regarding this :pray: But it’s also important to have in consideration that they are experimenting like everyone else. So it’s important to not blindly look what they do. I have some ideas of how to solve the things you are searching for so probably next year I can have something interesting to present here :slight_smile:

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How do you measure that? Is it thru multiple blood level tests or how is this done in a good way?

I have only body weight on Alan Green 70kg. Do you have for some other on the list?

@DrRoss curious question, what is your current weight?