Overall rapamycin summary update for October

Here is latest update of the biggest data summary of Rapamycin usage when it comes to longevity dose regimes that people use. This is not medical advice but the third column I have added can give an indication of dose size. For example for weekly dosing the formula for me is my bodyweight 74kg * 0,10mg = 7,4mg/weekly. Very interesting is that the average dose/kg has the same values between genders.


IMO, almost all drugs, supplements, etc., rather than being dosed based on weight, would be more useful, to include categories, such as age, health conditions, other meds, etc. “Average” dose, etc. not even close to being optimally helpful.


Yes, more parameters would be very nice. I had age on the previous version but it’s hard to get all the data to fit in a image in a good way. It also takes lots of time to gather information. In the Matt Kaeberlein rapamycin study we will probably get lots of that data you want :pray: I heard that they are working on the data on hopefully soon it will be published :heart:

Here is a quote from Tammi Kaeberlein about the status:

“We’re knee deep in data. Hoping to summarize the general findings soon, for all of you here and those that participated. Working on specific case studies and the first publication now too. And setting up for a follow up survey before the end of the year. So very many people had just started taking rapa with our first survey that it only makes sense to do a second.”

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