Your Rapamycin / Metformin / Supplement Stack?

I’m wondering what supplement stacks everyone is taking for comparison and discussion.


1X Weekly 4mg Sirolimus (3 weeks into schedule)
1X Daily (Evening) 500mg Metformin
1X Daily B-12 - Morning - 1000mcg
1X Daily Iron/C 15mg/175mg
1X Daily Magnesium L-Threonate (Morning) - 144mg
1X Daily D-3 5000 IU


Good idea - thanks for sharing.

Here is mine:


1X Weekly or longer, 12mg Sirolimus (2.5 years into schedule)

1X Daily ( morning) 100mg SGLT2 inhibitor (empagliflozin lately) - Pulsed, 3 weeks on, 1 week off

1X, 2X or 3X Daily With higher starch meal, 50mg or 100mg Acarbose (when not taking STLT-2 inhibitor)


1X Daily Magnesium L-Threonate (Morning) - 144mg
1X Daily Lithium Orotate 5mg
1 X Daily - 1,000 IU D3 and 45mcg K2
1 X Daily - Lutein and Zeaxanthin (25mg/5mg)
1X Daily - Ashwagandha, 1,000mg

15 grams Inulin Fiber, 2X or 3X week (with smoothie)
15 grams Moringa Powder, 2X or 3X week (with smoothie) - NRF2 promoter
15mg Spermidine Daily


Wow, how do you get 15mg of spermidine daily? Is that costing a small fortune?

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I post this overview of some peoples rapamycin regime which can be interesting to have also in this thread. Do someone know what Dave Asprey’s regime is regarding rapamacin?


Regular regimen:
Semaglutide oral - 3mg daily (started 2 weeks back)
Rapamycin ~ 10 to 15 mg every 2-3 weeks (higher the dose, longer the interval)
B-complex daily with additional B12 and B3
Fish oil around 5, 1g capsules spread throughout the day
Vitamin D3 - every other day
Cialis 5mg a couple times a week at lower dose for longevity purposes.

Senolytic course once in 2 weeks or once a month - Dasatinib (12.5 - 25 mg) + Quercetin (1.5g) + Procyanidin (apple flavanols) + Fisetin (1g) +Luteolin (300mg) + cocoa flavanols + blueberry flavanols + black elderberry extract

17alpha estradiol topical on my scalp during the day
17alpha estradiol topical + liquid melatonin + dmso on my scalp in the night

Finasteride - microdosing at 0.25 mg three times every week

Per needed basis for blood glucose control:
SGLT-2 inhibitors – when I am eating sugary, carby, or heavy meals. I avoid this soon after a rapamycin dose because I don’t want to be susceptible to UTI. 20mg empagliflozin or 200mg canagliflozin
Acarbose – before eating starchy food.
Luteolin – before any fructose consumption
Psyllium fiber before carby food to prevent glucose spikes and also to enable feeling of satiety.
Berberine – rarely, usually on a sedentary day, and sometimes after a super heavy meal.

Other supplements
Creatine – a couple times a week
Exogenous ketones / MCT oil with coffee in the morning sometimes
Allulose Almond meal Brownies baked a low temperature with (relatively unprocessed) cocoa powder +raw cocoa nib


Rapamycin - 6mg per week

Creatine - 3g
Vitamin D - 5000iu
Vitamin K2 - 120mcg
Magnesium L threonate - 250mg
Hyaluronic acid - 200mg
EVOO - 30 to 50g

I’ve also been taking 1g NMN but will stop once this batch is finished. The Vit D, Vit K and magnesium are an all in one from donotage

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A friend brought me a bunch of these:


I haven’t heard of this before - what is the rationale / benefit?

Several reasons:

  1. Contains oleocanthol, a natural anti inflammatory so can be helpful with conditions like arthritis
  2. Reduces risk of stroke and heart disease
  3. Reduces risk of diabetes and Alzheimer’s
  4. Activates sirtuins
  5. Benefits the microbiome
  6. Raises testosterone
  7. ‘May’ help reduce risk of certain cancers
  8. Increases Rapamycin absorption!

Etc etc

Most research seems to show a dose response relationship. So more is better… providing you don’t create a calorie surplus. As you can see I’m getting ~20% of my calories from EVOO…


Don’t take iron unless you have a documented iron deficiency.


Let me know the rationale about the iron - I’m taking it (along with some beet root powder) to help with a lack of energy during my workouts. Always open to understanding the downside of it - thanks.

I haven’t studied the science - but did see this come out recently:


Yes, iron is quite the pro-oxidant and you definitely don’t want too much of it.


I still haven’t figured out what’s the optimal amount of iron one may want. When does low iron start becoming anemia?

I’d start with getting a CBC and ferritin. CBC would tell you if you’re anemic, ferritin tells you your iron storage levels and is therefore a good indicator of overall iron levels.



I don’t know what Dave Asprey’s regimen is regarding rapamycin - but he takes so many things, from so many people, its hard to follow. Also - since he’s just a business person by training (Wharton MBA) - I don’t follow him so much on the science.

Did you see our page on the current activities of longevity researchers with regard to rapamycin?

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Really good summary of the field! Regarding Peter Attia, you can update his regime to the one I have in the excel. He talked last year about his abouted regime without breaks.

I agree regarding Dave but many people know who he is so if you stumbled upon something regarding his regime just send a mess. I will do the same if I find some other persons to your summary.

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I got a test. I seem to have normal hemoglobin count (in around 50th percentile), with ferritin levels of around 40 (5th percentile). I still can’t tell if this is near-optimal, or if I have iron-deficiency without anemia, or if I want to donate blood and further prevent iron-dependent aging. Sigh.

I’m wondering if I should try experimenting with iron supplements and then donate blood after a month or two in any event.

Ferritin levels are a bit of a murky topic. 40 might actually be really good for longevity purposes, since you aren’t at the very bottom of the normal range and you aren’t anemic per your CBC. There may be some studies out there correlating ferritin levels and disease states such as CVD, might be worth a PubMed check

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Current regimen
Medications: Sirolimus 4mg weekly, Selegiline 5mg 1/4 tablet 4 days per week, Dapagliflozin 5mg approximately twice a week when eating more carbs, Tadalafil 10mg twice a week, Atorvastatin 20mg every other day to keep LDL under 70

Took 1 dose of Dulaglutide 0.75mg earlier this week. This has definitely decreased my appetite significantly. If I have breakfast in the morning I feel no hunger through into dinner time. I have experienced constipation with Dulaglutide that requires concurrent use with Senna and Docusate. I may extend the dosing frequency to every 10 days depending on how I feel.

Note: If you plan on purchasing life insurance it would be best to pay out of pocket for Sirolimus and any diabetes drug being used off label. I was recently denied supplemental life insurance through my employer citing Milliman Intelliscript.

Supplements: Niacin 500mg every other evening, Essential Amino Acids 10g (Optimal Amino) pre-strength training and daily, PrimaVie Shilajit 250mg daily 4-5 days per week, Theanine 200mg at bedtime, Liquid Vitamin D 5000 units/K2 200 mcg twice a week, Q10 200mg daily