Would you take rapamycin if you have the common cold?

I started rapamycin about 6 weeks ago. Slowly ramping up my dose by 1mg/wk. I took 5mg last Wednesday. Hoping to take 6mg tomorrow. I suppose I’m on the tail end of a cold. Last Thursday (day after my 5mg dose) my throat was really scratchy and started getting a runny nose. Went to a concert Friday night. Did a lot of screaming and singing. My throat was much worse Saturday from all that. But I’ve been feeling much better since. No fevers. I’ve been going to work and doing my thing. I haven’t felt that bad really. I ran 2 miles last night. This morning I coughed up just a little bit of morning crud. Not bad tho. My whoop band gave me 90+ sleep and recovery scores last night. I feel great other than a little bit of nose blowing and an occasional coughing up a small amount of phlegm. So, what would y’all do with your rapa dosing at this point?

I searched the forum for this. I found a few threads like this one that falls flat with answers. Rapamycin use when sick with infection If I missed a good thread in my search where direct answers are given on this topic please share the url.


This was my exact situation last week. I felt sick (which I put down to over exertion at gym combined with a reckless sauna/cryotherapy combo).

I just decided safer to skip my Monday rapa dose. I had it again this Monday. I figured: “Safer to miss one days dose than risk my health”.

Not that I think my decision was the right one, just the decision I made for my own self. You might come to a different right decision for you :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.


Right. I don’t think there is any reason to think missing a few rapa doses will make any difference in the long run. I’m starting to think it might even be better to miss doses for no reason (rapa holiday); I’ve started taking 1 week off every 4 weeks (3 on/1 off).


I haven’t taken Rapamycin for nearly two months as I’ve had two rounds of antibiotics along with steroid sprays to clear sinusitis. I’m in the clear now but going to give it another week or two before restarting.


I just caught a common cold a few days ago, already feeling better today. Tomorrow is my Rapa day, but I most likely will postpone the dose for a few days as I am jumping on a plane to the Philippines tomorrow night. Just in case.

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