Who in the Health and Longevity Field are Taking Rapamycin (part 2)

Great idea to create this mini-paper and evaluation! I love the creative effort, even if the sample size is small.


Hahaha… I tried it myself, just now, in the medical museum where I work.

At 65 years. I have a range of 51 to 59 years. Which is 6-14 years younger. I will take it.

Biological tests GlycanAge and TruMe say I am 47 years to 52. So maybe!

Even my ID badge got rated… 50 to 58 years… so consistent lol.

Here it is!


You sounded like a reviewer of a medical journal.
You are right. The sample is small. It is a mock paper. I was really trying to see if I could pick up any signal of rapamycin effect.
Using facial features for risk stratification is not new. See this paper: Visible Age-Related Signs and Risk of Ischemic Heart Disease in the General Population https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.113.001696.
Anectoctally, facial detection age correlates with coronary calcium on CCTA. This is assuming you have the best facial age detection AI in the IOS store.


This is great but fraught with problems. I’m guessing that how people look affects their interest in looking younger (and in taking rapamycin).


“You sounded like a reviewer of a medical journal.” If I don’t someone wants citations. :sweat_smile:

Sure, it’s a fun test, but meaningless in my opinion for individuals to gauge the effects of rapamycin without the before and after rapamycin pictures. Maybe there are some we could find and subjectively judge for ourselves. Dr. Green comes to mind. I haven’t looked yet but I will look for pictures of the people before they took rapamycin and subject the pictures to the same photo age test.

As for me, I took the test and it said I look 5 years younger than I am.
I am 82 so I really don’t care if I really only look 77.


Ha. I feel the same. I want to look 25 years younger, or don’t get my hopes up. (I don’t).


Don’t know what Dave Asprey is doing lately regarding supplements but all of a sudden he too looks great on Instagram.

It seems like “deep learning” sites like Novos Labs give more flattering results than other tests.

Try Novo to see how young you really are.

Wow, a whopping 22 years younger, now we’re getting somewhere. If I look hard enough maybe I can find a site that will give me a 40 years younger result.

I would show you the picture I submitted, but reality is sometimes so disappointing. :smiling_face_with_tear:


Thanks for the site. Here’s my results. I have definitely passed the point of no return (to photos of myself). From now on I’ll be sharing old photos.


Thanks, looks good to me.


Not to mention, there’s no control group.

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Here’s your control group:



More on Robert’s regimen:


Lol. We’ll have to evaluate impact of plastic surgery on face aging.

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Add David Sinclair to the list…

The newly released Peter Diamandis video, at the point where David Sinclair says he’s taking rapamycin (“on and off”)


I would not trust any of those online facial aging indicators, or photos, or even videos. So much depends on lighting, camera angle, focal length, etc.

You have to see these people in person and look for telltale signs of surgery.

People falling out of their chairs when you tell them how old you are is gratifying.

But realistically, it’s only telling us that most people’s faces are aging prematurely when ours are not.

Edited to add, Sinclair looks to have had facelift, browlift, resurfacing, botox, and maybe even some type of filler or fat transfer. People throw dirt on all of it, but I am a strong believer in the mind-body-mirror connection. If you see youth when you look in the mirror, it changes the way you think about yourself.

Even Botox alone can be a game-changer. By smoothing the surface, it increases skin reflectance and luminosity and can add a “wow” factor.


Did you ever evaluate getting one/research them, do the results seem real?

Seems like Katalyst or this one: https://visionbody.com/

may be the leaders rights now?

I know the current versions are not doing calf and shoulder muscles, but does anyone know if Katalyst covers glutes well?
(Want to make sure it is covering the largest muscles)

No - I haven’t done any other research on this. No immediate plans of action. But would like to learn more.

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Got it. K, I’ll let you k ow if I do more research
/and or get one.

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Never had a botox but thinking of doing it for my frown lines as my dentist keeps telling me that botox keep other part of your facial skin “younger”. Is it true?

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