What lab do you use?

If you’re getting labs on your own , what lab do you use? I’ve been just going through my doctor, but gonna do some extras. Right now, leaning toward “ownyourlabs.com”.

This may be a duplicate of something already discussed as I suck at searching apparently.

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I am directed to use Labcorp by Healthspan who pays for labs as a part of the service.


I’m about to start on a new testing regimen and I’m thinking of trying Merek as many people seem to have been having some success with them and their initial pricing seems good, but yes even I had a tough time finding listings of lab options for blood testing in the forums…

See some details and other testing options here: Discount Code for Lab Testing

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I use ownyourlabs.com too for a bunch of tests. The tests are done by LabCorp.
I highly recommend the NMR lipo profile with IR markers along with APO-A/B and LP(a) to anybody who is serious about blood lipids.


I use LabCorp when I’m in the US and the local hospital when I am in HK.

A quick price comparison between Marek and OYL below.

Generally seems OYL is slightly, but not really meaningfully, higher. What’s with the weird numbers? ($13.13?)

Marek has a fixed $5 lab draw fee. Appears no similar fee at OYL

OYL offers a 10% discount if you agree to let your anonymized data be shared.

Marek gives you 10% discount if you remember to search web for the code. (I keep forgetting.)

Don’t see a sirolimus test at OYL.

I’vw used Marek several times, has been smooth, except one time they somehow messed up my email addr. I had to ask them to send the req, and then ask for the results. But otherwise, results produced at the San Diego lab come back the next day, sirolimus test gets sent to the east coast and then it takes 4-5 days.

marek and oyl compare

Lucky that Labcorp is 15 minute drive from my residence.


Is this the list of testing services? I’ve only used Labcorp set up by Healthspan. Marek and OYL is the cheapest?


There are two labs available where I live, LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics.
LabCorp in my area sucks for the following reasons: They make appointments difficult. They expect you just to walk in and wait. Their office is cramped. Wait times are rarely less than 45 minutes and often are longer.
Quest on the other hand has nicer facilities and staff. They allow you to make appointments online and discourage walk-ins. You are usually seen within 20 minutes or less with an appointment. The results are available online for many common tests in 24 hours or less. Even the uncommon or more complicated tests are usually available in less than 48 hours.
The downside to Quest is they don’t have a relationship with as many online self-lab test orders. The one I use for Quest is Ulta Lab Tests, which is not the cheapest, but still quite reasonable. Also, Quest does not do rapamycin tests from online lab orders.


Labcorp is the one I use (with tests set up by Healthspan). The Labcorp website is challenging but I have been able to make appointments that don’t require long waits (only 10 minutes). I do have to book the appointment 2 weeks in advance to get a time I want.

My problem is the Labcorp website doesn’t offer many tests so I’ve felt limited to the tests Healthspan is willing to pay for (I pay for the program but HS pays for the blood test and dr and meds). HS said they are planning to upgrade their testing ….I got the impression it was to include a tracking system plus expanded testing.

I’m looking to expand my testing options now.

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