What is your own regime!

I’ve been reading this forum for a while, and the only (mostly) concise summary of what people are taking is @desertshores asking opinions on his own regime for longevity. Understanding that people have different needs (high-performance fitness, medical advice, etc.) I would really love some feedback from those that are deep in this journey to share what their regime is on supplements and prescriptions. Even more specific: daily/only when not working out/x times per mo, with food/without food. There is just sooooo much here! Thank you for anyone that will contribute.


Hi and welcome to the site! You might start by reviewing this long thread on this topic (I think it covers what you’re asking about… if not, please clairfy).

See here: Can you share your Longevity / HealthSpan Regime?

Also - in our last big survey of our users we asked what supplements and longevity drugs, etc. they were taking - see the survey results here: Rapamycin User Survey #2 - Please Respond


Thank you!! ?Super helpful