What blood tests are people taking?, Any rapamycin specific ones?

So you had about a 13 year reduction in your biological age according to the Levine phenotypic calculations - in 4 months of use of rapamycin. Very interesting. Thanks for posting!

Have you had additional blood tests and how have things trended since that first test you did?

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When I first started was taking 5 mg per week.
This year took 15 mg every two weeks for six months and nov 1 took 20 mg. No side effects. Had some low level blood tests last week and eGFR and creatinine were best levels I have documented going back to 2013. Quite impressed on what Rapa does for kidney function as I was out of range for 5 years before taking it.


Has there been an ongoing reduction in your Levine phenotypical age or has it plateaued?

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well in Dec I crashed on my mountain bike and injured shoulder. Jan data put my bio age up to 57 as hsCRP jumped to 4.2
In June metrics dropped and bio age returned to 53 same as early 2020 but I’m 18 months older.
The Levine calc heavily depends on chronological age. If I input my chronological age as 67 when I started it says my bio age is 51.

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Great to hear you’re still mountain biking, sorry to hear about the crash. Interesting how the crash seems to have increased your hsCRP - but not unexpected I guess.

Yes - Levine calc relies in part on your chron. age - but I see a very close consistency with my http://aging.ai estimates.

I just called LEF, they do not have the sirolimus test. They don’t even know of the labcorp 716712 test. Per the guy who put me on hold to call the back end service at LEF. Soooo, we need a way to buy this test? Tnx for any helps. Curt

Bizarre… here is the exact email they sent me when I asked if they could provide the lower cost sirolimus blood test - I recommend you email their blood lab customer service (see email below) with a copy of their email to me attached and reference my case #. Labcorp only offered the blood sirolimus test directly for $400, so I pushed for a lower cost as rapamycin users may want to test occasionally.

Also, here is the link to the Labcorp blood test:


And that response is to the following email I had sent to them:

To: BloodLabcustomerservice@lifeextension.com

Hi LifeExtension,

There are many people (including Bill Falloon) using rapamycin (sirolimus) and we need an inexpensive blood test for determining the levels of sirolimus at the peak (after two hours of taking the drug) and trough (after 7 days). Can your company please work to get a low cost blood test to do this. Its available by the labcorp and others - but its very expensive. Can you please negotiate a lower cost and offer it through your blood test services.

See this page - about rapamycin on your website:

Autophagy As You Age - Life Extension

This is the test that you need to offer, at much lower cost:

716712: Sirolimus, Whole Blood | Labcorp

Please confirm that you have received this email.



Success!! Tnx alot. The trick was after calling the LEF support number, asking to be xfered to a Wellness Specialist. She had to put me on hold, but figured out how to set my LEF account with an order for this test. I bought 2 separate tests, each $95. My interest is to test in the afternoon after taking an every other week dose of rapa of 12mg in the morning. THEN re test (out of curriousity) 13 days later.

Laughably, the cheapest way to verify what you are taking is really rapa and is the concentration (12mg +/-) you think it is. Ok ok if this is how we test purity of our (almost all) questionable sources of rapa, this is how we need to verify. Good that I’ll only do these 2 tests once in forever, unless I try one of the absorbtion boosting tactics (Brin posted a 500x drug…).

Thanks Admin!! And all. It takes a community on this adventure.


Great to hear it worked out. Please post your results - it should be interesting!

My rapa doc just ordered the same Labcorp sirolimus test for me and said just to let him know if I wanted him to order more. Since I’m taking prescription version from Walgreens, my first test will be Day 6 after taking a dose (hopefully levels will be really low or undetectable such that I can continue weekly dosing).

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It would be interesting to know what your doctor’s target trough level is for blood sirolimus at day 6 to minimize mTORC2 inhibition… I suspect each doctor has a slightly different take on this issue.

Yeah, in fact I have no idea if he has a target in mind, since he’s only doing it per my request. I guess we’ll see what he says when the results come in. I’m planning to do the test a week from Saturday, since I’ve started taking berberine this week and I want to reach steady state.

Curt, I think you’re taking the rapamycin powder, is that right? You may want to look into the research around how bioavailable that form is in humans. I saw this statement in the article below and it made me wonder if there is a similar effect in humans (and I don’t know if the tablets of rapamycin from the major pharma are somehow protected from dissolving in the stomach rather then getting to the intestine…

Anyway - I guess the blood test will help show this. If your blood level is high enough, then its getting into your blood stream.

“Our first problem was when we put the rapamycin in the mouse chow, it didn’t last long,” said Dr. Strong. “Rapamycin is very volatile, and only about 20 percent of it was left once it was processed into the food. The second problem was rapamycin is destroyed by stomach acids.”

Luckily, Dr. Strong remembered an article he’d read about microencapsulation, and as it turned out, the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio was starting to look into this technology as well. Dr. Sharp and Dr. Strong developed a rapamycin formulation and a plan for effectively delivering it to the mice. Southwest Research Institute helped encapsulate the rapamycin formulation at the sub-micron level into a specialized polymer that protects the drug in the stomach until it is released in the lower gastrointestinal tract, Dr. Strong said.

Source article:


I got my 2 LEF sirolimus (??) tests back.

I’m DIY on the 2 week protocol, some chinese powder cut per instructions + indian 1mg sirolimus pills as:

day 1 and day 2 each are: 4mg of sirolimus pills + 6mg of home made powder for each day.

I combinded a higher probability 1mg pills with a questionable purity chinese powder and my questioonable dilution to assure I’d be taking at least the 8mg of the 1 mg pills.

I tested on day 3 = 4.8 ng/ml which is higher then others reporting in the 3.0 range so my theorectical 20mg total does might be what I’m actually taking.

Tested again on day 13 and the test said <0.5 ng/ml (undetectable),.

My view is success. I’ve got many years supply and recently bought another 2-3 yrs of 1mg sirolimus from india for around $350. Seems I might have added to that order a few years of dasanitib for the senolitic doses which I’m doing 3 days per month of 70mg dasa and the 1.5g fisetin, 1.5g quercitin. I did 150mg of dasa once and I felt insanely rotten that night, so I backed off. Dasa can cause blood clots (+/-) so no need to kill myself over an anti ageing protocol.

Effects to report; none that I notice. ;( LOL, I’m prior taking a bunch of anti inflamatories, spermidine etc etc, the *acetam nootrophics so for me it may not be the clean out and crisp up that others feel… all TBD, and in time a few DNA/methalation blood tests for phycial age… TBD

Tnx to all!! Curt


Thanks for the details of your protocol. How long did the LEF tests take to come back?

Via Life Extension (IMHO a great org) about 5 days to get the sirolimnus blood test back. In general blood tests via labcorp then LEF are taking longer to come back. No doubt staffing etc in the labs in the back end plus its the holidays. I have a male ultra panel now going on 2 weeks and not come back. I called early this week and some aspect was being waited on… We are in a new world of supply shortages and delays.

I was reading these folks blog and this guys protocols.

He posted his history and stuff he takes in this pdf (long). https://www.aginginterventionfoundation.org/AgingInterventionProgram.pdf

half way down he mentions (his opinion) that senolitics including dasanitib should not be done that often, a few times a year. My (DIY) of once a month may not have good science behind this frequent. Nor my lifting Dr Greens up to 20mg of rapa every 2 weeks. I think the logic of 2 weeks vs 1 week makes sense from a decay perspective and my blood test at 13 days found undetectable rapa. But 20mg may not have good sceience either… Just mentioning to folks…

But those guys youtube (posted here a few weeks ago) is quite an interesting collection as is there website:

https://www.aginginterventionfoundation.org found off https://www.anti-agingfirewalls.com
and video watched off: Younging - Triggering Ancient Mechanisms for Rejuvenation - YouTube

DIY anti aging eats time and effort like … well too much time.


like Advanced Oxidative Stress Profile - Help Center and ION® Profile - Help Center

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Hi, which Indian pharmacy did you use?

See the list we’ve pulled together from everyone’s recommendations - here - list of reliable online pharmacies selling rapamycin.

Buying any drug from india is just as complicated as buyug from China (which I have done) using alibaba and similar chinese sites.

Buying from india starts (for me) with; indiamart.com you create a login, verify, then post what y9ou are looking for. Then you get a bunch of responses, mostly all automated. It does NOT make you feel like each response is from some responsibile company. I suspect each of those people are gig workers at home shippping what stuff they can channel on their wholesale / runner channels. Not very comforting but its my guess of what I’ve experienced.

Here’s the contact from my last 2 buys (different suppliers). Both are selling sealed strips of sirolimus 1mg. Counterite product in this drug?? I have no idea. I used my body as the test vehicle and did the $99 LEF.org / labcorp test to verify there was rapa somewhere in what I took. Sorry for seeming lax or un professional top US pharma source speaking. Its just what I see and am guessing.

Most recent: Mahesh Sonwane
G.P.Pharma International, Dadaji Dhuniwale Nagar Savner Patansavangi, Nagpur - 441113, Maharashtra, India

maheshsonwaneg@gmail.com, [dineshvatyani25@gmail.com]

oldest: BonHoa Health bonhoahealth@gmail.com / BONHOA support@bonhoapharmacy.com

=== The process goes; india/china
get on the portal; state what you are looking for, sirolimus, 500 total 1mg pills, shipped to USA, what is your best price? Both platforms quote varying prices for the same product, it can’t hurt to nudge for the best price.

Last price paid; $350 for 500 1mg sirolimus. $100 for 60 pills 50mg dasnitib. I only take the 50mg for each of 2 days. I had a bad experience at 100mg (maybe it was higher…) either way dasnitib can cause sides effects at least once for me.

The china powder rapa was around $400 for 5 grams (or it was 4gm) which is 4000 1mg doses once diluted per instructions somewhere here or on the other anti aging board. Store in the freezer.