What are your favorite low(er) calorie, low calorie-per-volume-ratio, or appetite-suppressing foods?

  • almond/macademia milks. They are SO filling. they just make you pee a lot. Make sure to get low-calcium versions…
  • Tomatoes and cucumbers (easy to snack on, low bitterness). Tomatoes are really a fruit with a calorie density lower than many vegetables. Greenhouse/Canadian tomatoes have much lower pesticide than Mexican tomatoes.
  • carrots (super-cheap)
  • Salsa. It’s the best vegetable dip ever. Or I just drink out of the jar. Has vinegar. Black bean salsa can help satiate cravings that salsa alone cannot.
  • mustard (very low calorie flavor), also very juicy and substitutes for a lot of other cravings
  • Strawberries. Calorie-density of a vegetable, tho they do spike my glucose. Very pesticide-heavy.
  • wild apples (more bitter, before they got bred to be sweet)
  • ALL the vegetables (goes without saying, though some are hard to snack on as fast-food). Broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes => easiest to use as fast food. Everything is easier in an instant pot (or you can put a bunch of water over them and boil them => you’ll hear it when the water boils/pours over and then they’re ready). I prefer electric stoves over gas stoves b/c safer. Most cruciferous vegetables have lower pesticide loads.
  • pickled vegetables. VERY tasty and can substitute for other cravings. Just beware of the emulsifier polysorbate 80. Has vinegar. The processing can reduce pesticide load. Also, pickled cucumbers can irritate the stomach lining - Podcast: What Is H. Pylori? - YouTube
  • mangoes. More sucrose than any other fruit so you can blunt the glucose spike with acarbose (which is cheaper and more immediately applicable than SGLT2 inhibitors)
  • VEGETABLE SOUP (too bad they’re hard to buy in stores, and costs can easily blow up with volume). Costs don’t blow up with volume in Ivy League dining halls
  • in Ivy League dining halls, it’s easy to get large amounts of sauteed vegetables (they also sautee them in MUFAs)
  • if you’re friends with some people in CR Society, you can sometimes enjoy their super-specially prepared vegetables (too bad I don’t have the time to prepare them)
  • anything with vinegar (enhances glycemic control, helps one fill full)
  • keto bread. A lot of them have lots of psyllium husk/insoluble fiber. Whole foods has nobagels. ThinSlim foods has some.
  • things sweetened with sugar alcohols (tho really, who needs sweeteners?)

Lower-calorie substitutes for other food (or just super-healthy food)

  • Silken tofu has 45 cal/85 grams (much less than regular tofu for some reason)
  • Slimcado. Can substitute for fat/nut cravings
  • POSSIBLY corn bran (lots of insoluble fiber). Supposedly lower-calorie than wheat bran (only from one source). I felt knocked out after consuming them => not a good indication of “low-calorie” b/c I know when too many carbs knock me out.
  • beans/lentils => combine with acarbose and the blood sugar spike is super-low. Can be used as a primary source of calories.

Ribeye by far, nutritious, healthy and very satiating


Absolutely no need to avoid high calorie foods. Eggs, avocado and dark chocolate are my staples.


OH GLYCINE IS AN APPETITE SUPPRESSANT?!?!? ugh I should try it more

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I’ve taken glycine and never noticed any appetite suppressant effects. Metformin was much more powerful in this area.

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Glycine is a wonder supplement.

You wonder why you didn’t start taking it earlier!

is a salsa I’m beginning to really like (more than other salsas). I think in the near-term I’m going to abstain from everything except nut milk, vegetables, fruit, and salsa (abstaining from beans is tough at first but doable).


tapenades are great dips for veggies (+ultra healthy+often come in glass containers). I ate tomatoes+mushrooms+onions+cauliflower today, and NONE of them did anything to make me feel full. I then dipped mushrooms in tapenade AT LAST and it did it.

A difference of 110 calories in a single day can make a lot of difference in epigenetic age

The easiest way is to use nicotine gum when hungry but not every day

If you are having a little brain fog, a shot of nicotine from gum or a patch will help.

Surprisingly it appears that nicotine by itself is not particularly habit forming.

“But as laboratory scientists know, getting mice or other animals hooked on nicotine all by its lonesome is dauntingly difficult.”

I keep some nicotine gum around and use it occasionally before undertaking a difficult mental task.

"To my knowledge, nicotine is the most reliable cognitive enhancer that we currently have, bizarrely,” said Jennifer Rusted, professor of experimental psychology at Sussex University in Britain when we spoke. “The cognitive-enhancing effects of nicotine in a normal population are more robust than you get with any other agent. With Provigil, for instance, the evidence for cognitive benefits is nowhere near as strong as it is for nicotine.”


Ratatouille!! Perfect combo of ingredients though some overload on the oil

Hmm I sometimes think that fake meat/tofu products can make up for nut binges. I binged on 500g of roasted peanuts yesterday…(no other choices though).


Also… https://www.vitalia.com.mk/en/product-category/specialized-products/keto-products/

In Macedonia, the keto products are actually CHEAP, unlike the keto breads in the US… (eg nobagel)


Of the french supermarkets, carrefour is my favorite (I like it more than monoprix). It has cheap glass jars of A LOT of vegetables (not in cans/plastic, can be used as fast food, AND filling in a way that raw vegetables are often not filling)

THIS is as close to cuisinic perfection as it gets. 27 calories per 100 grams (or 122.58 calories per lb). I found it only in a single Carrefour City store in the Latin Quarter…

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But really, Mt Hagen instant coffee (why I have not discovered this earlier, I do not know - it would have prevented the plot-altering nicotine overdose this year). Some brands of instant coffee are higher-quality and lower-acrylamide.

Coffee makes appetite suppression trivial and zero-effort + is pro-longevity in its own right. Tea too, though instant coffee can be done w/o even boiling water (for someone who wants to minimize effort on most things + figures out the low-effort/low-willpower strategy for longevity [the opposite of the crsociety peepz])

pair with 100mg modafinil for synergistic appetite suppression

Ugh, caffeine pills don’t work great enough for me, and I know from conferences and Harvard that drinking LOADS of coffee works great for my alertness. Coffee-makers are too bulky. Why didn’t I discover this simple solution earlier, why didn’t I?

ive recently been pouring olive oil on top of cheap coleslaw - it makes the coleslaw tasty and is much less addicting than nut binges.

ive been back from europe for a week now. europe was a lot of exercise, and my weight was 100 upon arrival (despite intermittent binging on nuts and fake meat => some european fake meat, esp the Swiss kind, is quite delicious even though it’s better to just eat tofu). i overate some foods after arrival but weight is still roughly stable (and now I bought soymilk which should curb appetite, ESP on top of mt hagen coffee). It is higher-calorie density than nut milks though [and SURPRISE - is surprisingly high in soybean oil, so nut milks are still healthier than soymilk].


I discovered this a few days ago at target (Arnold keto bread): https://www.starmarket.com/shop/product-details.970116752.html . Soybean oil AND sunflower flour (this means omega-6). It is so easy to eat 1200 calories of this in one go (as I did twice)… (modified wheat starch is the second ingredient) Need to figure out calories per gram of this

Also I discovered this today:

(NOTE: ONE FORMULATION OF THIS HAS FULLY HYDROGENATED SOYBEAN OIL - Franz Bakery | Products ). IDK WHAT THIS SAYS ABOUT THE TARGET VERSION… (the one I bought at target does not say “hydrogenated soybean oil” BUT the target.com version says it is)

Most likely it’s trashier than the keto bread at whole foods and thinslimfoods (even if it’s the cheapest keto bread available)



The fiber-rich foods are the best, esp the 2 calories/gram stuff… It’s unknown if fiber in bean calories count as 4 calories/gram or lower. Navy beans have 20 grams of fiber per cup (the highest fiber count of all) - but the 365 brands form only has 12g fiber per cup (and 18g fiber per cup in its black beans)


There are some books on dietary fiber!

Silk soymilk is 640 calories per 1.89L carton (much of it protein). Way more than almond/macademia milk (2x that of almond milk) but I have to use it for the near-term

70 calories per 240 mL (just 10 less than silk) is in 365 everyday brands AND whole foods soymilk… They don’t dilute soymilk enough.

Shirataki/miracle noodles. They are a low-calorie miracle, only that they don’t really get digested (you don’t want to eat too much at once b/c indigestion) and they’re always packaged in the most suspicious sharp plastics ever (I’d buy them in abundance if not for the plastics issue - fortunately I guess I have enough vegetables to distract myself with).

THIS is the most common food I’ve been consuming over the past month (mostly because it’s very cheap - the cheapest to order off amazon):

[it is HELLA addicting when you add olive oil over it]. Yeah the plastics are a concern but amazon prime doesn’t allow for much else (and the plastics don’t seem that shardy like water-bottle plastics - like - not all plastics are equally “evil” and certain plastics just “feel” much worse than others [like pointier microplastics from waterbottles/shirataki seem more likely to insert themselves into cell membranes, and polyethylene/propropylene plastics seem more “benign” than ones made of weirder materials - never mind that you want to avoid them if you still can]).

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small handful of raw pistachios, feels full but not bloated

used to love peanut butter, but as I got older I developed an intolerance to the Lectin it contains and had to stop

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I strongly go back against Arnold bread or any “keto bread” made of modified wheat starch - they spiked my glucose like crazy. Anything with oat fiber (eg thinslim foods bread) is still okay.


Of all the Bush’s Blue Zones soup, this is the lowest calorie density

Bush says that took BPA out of its cans as of 2 years ago

It’s really raw cloves. If I feel like I’m almost full but still horridly hungry, it can be enough to seal the hunger. Just chewing a few can do a lot for appetite because they are JUST on the right gradient of bitterness to matter (and to maximize ORAC)

Note that I don’t put much emphasis on vegetables here - it goes without saying that all vegetables count, but it’s not always easy to be in the mood to eat them.

Vinegar supposedly helps too (it’s in both salsa and mustard) though it also involves risk to teeth

my favorite filling food, that gives me hours of not feeling hungry… my morning oatmeal is 1/3 cup rolled oats, 1/3 cup milk, 2/3 cups water… some salt, when cooked served with some fruits, maybe a teaspoon honey… 150/200 calories