Thoughts on White Kidney Bean extract (an alpha-amylase inhibitor)? How does it compare to/interact with acarbose (an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor)?

I used to think that White kidney bean is like a supplement form of acarbose, but on researching today, I realized that they actually work on different pathways. White kidney bean extract contains an alpha-amylase inhibitor, while acarbose is an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor.

My hunch is that these are actually synergestic.

And based on recent reports on resistant starch, I feel that their benefits would be not only via reducing peak blood glucose levels, but also making starch similar to resistant starch
Cancer study: Major preventive effect from resistant starch in people with Lynch syndrome -- ScienceDaily.


I will have to try an experiment with my CGM. This only works on more complex carbs, but lol, I will do the evil thing and eat bread…

Also the effective dose (2000mg) is way higher than the effective dose of acarbose.

It’s much easier to get than acarbose which is a strong point in favor of it