The Real Rapamycin Side Effects


Many people hear about rapamycin and make the mistake of thinking that the side effects of the drug that are seen in high dose, every day, treatment regimens in cancer and organ transplant patients will also be seen in people using low, weekly doses in anti-aging applications. This is an inaccurate expectation, unsupported by evidence.

As you can see above, in a small survey of rapamycin users, most people experience no noticeable side effects when dosing in the typical range currently being dosed for anti-aging applications (3mg to 10mg, single dose per week).


The side effects that people do experience are mostly mild and temporary. My estimate is that 98% of people continue to take the medication and the problems (e.g. canker sore, small rash, etc.) go away quickly by without treatment or with only minor treatment (e.g. cortisol cream for rash).

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