Tally Health - A new biological age testing Company


Sinclair launched a new biological age testing Company called Tally Health.

I signed up for the waiting list.

That is all I know.

We appear to be on the same mailing list - I got this yesterday in my email inbox:

Early access to Tally Health’s biological age test beta is here!

Hi again from David Sinclair.

My team at Tally Health and I have been developing an at-home test that will measure your biological age as our first step in our work to increase access to tools that add extra years of health and vitality to life.

To participate in our beta program and get early access to our test for free, fill out our quick survey h e r e. Once you fill it out, we will follow up with next steps to receive the beta test kit (while supplies last).

Click here or the button below to complete the survey to be included!

Get early, free access!

To a better, healthier life,

Dr. David A. Sinclair, A.O. Ph.D. Founder, Tally Health co-Director, Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research, Harvard University

P.S.: What areas of health and aging would you most like tools built for? Feel free to respond to this email - we want to hear from you, and we’re all ears!

Tally Health, 599 West Putnam Avenue Greenwich, Connecticut 06830

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Yes, we must be.
Received the other day. Signed up on list I was over 86,000.

My father got into the trial. Here is a special video that only trial members can view. Enjoy…

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This is why Dr. Sinclair is so successful.


Just signed up! Thanks.