Starting Rapamycin in UAE

Hi all,
I am new here and interested in trying out Rapamycin. I am 49 yrs old male and pretty healthy with no known condition (except for degenrative disc disease from years of lifting as well as GAD). I do however, have a family history of cancer, MS and dementia and would like to know if there are strategies to delay/prevent the onset. I am quite fit for my age and have been weightlifting for more than 25 yrs. I have Rapamycin but not sure if its safe to try it. I live in UAE and not aware of any GP who is willing to monitor me as its not a known practice around here.
Any advice on what i should do if i decide to get started? Dosage?

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Review the following New to Rapamycin? Start Here


Hi Shawn, welcome to the forums. Its always a good idea to work with a doctor. Longevity medicine is getting more attention in the Arab countries… so its possible you can find a doctor/clinic there that can help you. I recommend you do an exhaustive google search on things like “longevity clinic”, or “anti-aging doctor” (though you’ll get mostly cosmetic dermatologists for that one, I suspect).

These are what I found when doing a quick search… not exactly what you want, but perhaps getting close:

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