Start Rapamycin at Age 28?

Ill be 28 in a few months. I found a doctor that can prescribe me 2mg rapamycin 100 tablets for just 5$ so im thibking about starting rapamycin as i have the access and fear aging! Both my grand parents on my moms side died in their early 60s.

Just wondering what dose i should start on at my age? Thanks you

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The rule of thumb is after your body finishes developing. This typically happens around the age of 25. However, Dr. B has recommended people don’t take it before the age of 30 just to be safe otherwise you might stunt whatever development growth you may have left.

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Everyone has a different risk/reward profile. I encourage you to read this summary: The Case for Starting Rapamycin Earlier in Life (e.g. late 20s) vs middle age (e.g. 50s)

If I were 28, I would look at starting very low dose (e.g. 1 mg/week) then slowly increase to around 3mg/week. And do bloodwork to track results. But, my own decision can reasonably be different that someone else’s, so nobody here is recommending you do take one course of action or another. In this forum, we try to present our experiences and the data and people make their own decisions.


Wait couple more years you are still a baby lol. In my book any longevity protocol should start after 35 years of age. Until I was 40 I could not feel any difference than when I was 25. At around 42-43 I felt a tractor trailer hit me head on lol. Lost energy, gained weight, fatigued, you name it. By 45 I was as good as brand new again and have never experienced any of the symptoms again. Today at 57 i can rip a lion into pieces with my bare hands lol. I attribute my health to few supplements and getting rid of certain foods, i.e. milk, and dairy, legumes, and load up on organic steak, wild salmon, and trout, plus organic flax seeds. Have tried probably over 100 different supplements but have stuck with about 10-15. The rest were snake oil for me.

Hi Dean,

We have a long thread on this topic - see here: The Case for Starting Rapamycin Earlier in Life (e.g. late 20s) vs middle age (e.g. 50s)

there are many people here who are under 30, some have posted their experiences, see…

Here: Canadian 28 (M) rapalog

Here: 21 Year Old Female on Rapamycin for 7 months

Generally people are taking lower dosing (it depends in part on your weight/size). Many people seem to be doing around 3mg (one dosing, once per week). But it varies.

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At 28, I would start taking Rapamycin as you have a very low chance of developing cancer at that age and you can take advantage of the permanent beneficial health changes that Rapamycin can make for your body.

IMHO, the optimal ages for taking Rapamycin would be aged 28-40 and 80+ when you are at the lowest risk for developing cancer.

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Hi. I’m 28 and have been taking Rapamycin since 27. Been over 7 months. I take around 5mg weekly. I use to take around 7-10mg but at this dose I noticed I would get acne around my neck that would take a while to go away. Nothing painful, just annoying if anything. I also got sick taking such a high dose. Horrible sinus infection just one time, first time I’ve had a sinus infection and I remember I took 8mg a few days before when I had felt a flu coming on (stupid of me to do that)… so I basically already sick as a flu was coming, so it wasn’t the Rapamycin that made me sick it’s just that I took a high dose of Rapamycin when I was already sick so my immune system was already down and taking the high dose Rapamycin turned the flu into a sinus infection as i suppressed my already weaken immune system down too much. So I lowered my dose to 5mg. No acne or infections at this dose so it works best for me.

It’s winter here in Australia. I work in pharmacy and everyone is sick right now (flu season) despite being around customers with Covid/flu almost daily, I’ve still not caught Covid or the flu/cold whilst taking Rapamycin weekly. I believe the Rapamycin in small intermittent doses improves the immune system and I even got the flu vaccine and apparently Rapamycin boost the effectiveness of the flu shot. I definitely believe this.

Blood work is fine, even managed to lower cholesterol while taking Rapamycin weekly. White cell counts all normal, iron fine etc.