Start Rapamycin at Age 28?

Ill be 28 in a few months. I found a doctor that can prescribe me 2mg rapamycin 100 tablets for just 5$ so im thibking about starting rapamycin as i have the access and fear aging! Both my grand parents on my moms side died in their early 60s.

Just wondering what dose i should start on at my age? Thanks you

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The rule of thumb is after your body finishes developing. This typically happens around the age of 25. However, Dr. B has recommended people don’t take it before the age of 30 just to be safe otherwise you might stunt whatever development growth you may have left.

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Everyone has a different risk/reward profile. I encourage you to read this summary: The Case for Starting Rapamycin Earlier in Life (e.g. late 20s) vs middle age (e.g. 50s)

If I were 28, I would look at starting very low dose (e.g. 1 mg/week) then slowly increase to around 3mg/week. And do bloodwork to track results. But, my own decision can reasonably be different that someone else’s, so nobody here is recommending you do take one course of action or another. In this forum, we try to present our experiences and the data and people make their own decisions.