Canadian 28 (M) rapalog

Hello everyone, I’ve been following anti aging science since I was in middle school, reading science magazine articles on calorie restriction, and trying to learn online about what the cause of aging was, never being satisfied with the explanations offered.

Then when I was 24 I read David Sinclair’s book, and it combined with my previous reading of transhumanist philosophy and admiration of Oscar Wilde into making this field something I’m deeply committed to. Since then I have been reading forums like this and talking to likeminded people looking to keep up to date with the latest science and community recommendations.

I would say that I feel like a mad scientist, but I get the feeling like everyone here must, at least a little bit.

Generally I’m healthier than average, but prone to stress, poor sleep and with a mild form of ehlers danlos syndrome. I’ve had my blood tested recently, but all I know is that the results indicate me being very healthy without any detailed statistics. People tell me I look very young for my age, but I have recently begun to feel the effects. Fatigue, joint pain, stiffness, dry eyes and a certain dullness of the skin. I’m curious to see if the rapamycin does anything for any of this, or what side effects it might cause me.

I have a prescription for 20mg of vyvance that I never take, due to worries over stimulants accelerating the aging process, even if used clinically for treating adhd. I’m curious if anyone here would know anything about that.

I was able to order 60 Siromus 1mg from Oddway international to Canada for 185 usd via speedpost EMS, Today I will begin my first 1mg dose, and report how it goes. 1mg may be a small dose, but I’m nervous about potential side effects.

What I have tried in the past:

  • Resveratrol - Stopped taking due to criticisms I heard from Dr. Brad Stanfield
  • MNM - Don’t think this needs to be started until much later in life, doubt over legitimacy of amazon supplements I was buying

What I’m doing now:

  • Vitamin D and astaxanthin
  • NIR therapy for dry eyes
  • Matcha and turmeric habit
  • biweekly cardio and daily stretches
  • Korean sunscreen and OneSkin daily moisturizer (which works great)
  • Marine collagen

What I’m interested in:

  • Extended fasting for autophagy benefits
  • Experimental usage of hormones
  • Maintaining a healthy diet

I might be able to get some friends and family members of mine to try it themselves, if I do I will also relay anything they have to say about it


It seems like you are on the right track for a healthy life. From my perspective as a 60 year old man there are a couple of things you should consider. 1. Do some strength training. Get your deadlift up to at least 300 lbs. It is much easier to add bone density and muscle mass at your age. 2. Watch your APOB closely. Atherosclerosis is cumulative. If you keep APOB down for the next forty years you will be better off than most of us. You’ll thank me on your 95th birthday.


If stress and sleep are your problems, I recommend 4-5 g of Glycine daily and a microdose of lithium orotate.

For joint pain, glucosamine chondroitin has worked for me.

Good luck!


My opinion, resveratrol=snake oil, turmeric=snake oil, NMN=snake oil, Matcha=snake oil, Astaxanthin=snake oil, Fasting is good but not too extended, three days every couple month is plenty IMO. DO NOT USE ANY HORMONES! Do add: small dose of Niacin, A good b-complex, Glycine and NAC, and I am a big fan of Vit C and L-lysine for hearth health and to stave off viruses. I’m sure others in here will have plenty different options/opinions.

One person’s snake oil is another’s lifespan (or healthspan) extender. :wink:

I originally thought glucosamine chondroitin was snake oil as well. After years of taking it, I stopped taking glucosamine and my knees began to hurt and were not as strong as before. I thought that it couldn’t be the glucosamine, but I decided to take it again to make sure a couple of weeks later. Sure enough, the knee pain went away and they were as strong as ever. My wife has had similar results. For us, glucosamine chondroitin is a necessary supplement.

I disagree that Astaxanthin is snake oil. It has been tested by the ITP and there were favorable results for longevity for males. Can I notice a difference? No. (Except if I take a lot, and then it turns my feces red.)

As for NMN, it helps my energy levels even though it may not increase my longevity. I am pretty sure it helps me not feel fatigued during the day. I will keep taking it.

As for Matcha, I like the taste, and I get tired of drinking coffee and water all the time. Why not drink some matcha? It may be good for you, and if not, so what? It’s not an expensive drink. I’m drinking some right now.

Turmeric is a cheap seasoning that I add for flavor. If it’s healthy too, why not? It probably does lower inflammation which is usually good.

Resveratrol may or may not be snake oil. I am conflicted on this one, but I’m leaning toward snake oil.

The rest of the supplements you do recommend are good ones as well. A good B-complex, glycine, and NAC as well as vitamin C are all supplements I take.

I don’t take Niacin as it increases blood sugar and that’s not something I want when I take Rapa. I haven’t researched L-lysine to comment on it.


btw, I read somewhere (don’t have the link) that turmeric is bad for you. It definitely is bad for me, know it for sure, but not sure if that translates for everyone. Chia seeds bad for you also in case some people are mistakenly thinking they are good. Flax seed on the other hand, really good for your health.
Don’t know about glucosamine chondroitin I have never taken it. Matcha=snake oil, you are better off drinking green tea, though i don’t like green tea either. Mountain wild tea from Mediterranean countries I think is one of the best teas out there. Hard to find though.

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