Skin, Adversity Mimetics & Rapamycin, Tacrolimus, Cyclosporin, etc

I was listening to the David Sinclair podcast that touched on gray hair and he mentions that he thinks that what might be happening with the compounds like tacrolimus, cyclosporin, rapamycin, etc. when they are applied in a topical manner to the scalp and reverse the gray hair is that they are sending “adversity memetic” signals to the stem cells which causes the skin stem cells (melanocytes) to reset. There are obviously other types of skin stem cells besides melanocytes, and it would seem that a topical application that made the melanocytes function in a more youthful manner might also be helpful for all skin stem cells.

So perhaps there is value in applying this type of serum to other areas of skin. Anyway - it seems like something that we may want to test at some point. And if you’re creating a hair growth / gray-reversing topical formulation, please try it on other areas of skin and let us know if you notice any difference.

I’m thinking of trying this on one side of my face, and on one hand for 6 months (do pre and post photos of each) and then compare results. I’ve posted my ideas on the process / procedure for creating this topical serum here: DIY Rapamycin skin cream - #38 by RapAdmin

What do you think?


But, one side could end up looking like Dorian Gray. :smile: