Shipment seized by customs

I ordered a variety of drugs from I’ve had good luck with them in the past. This was my first time ordering rapamycin and dasatinib. They shipped from Taiwan. It ended up in Massachusetts. Sat there for over a month. I just got a letter from the FDA today that looks basically the same as what I’ve seen here on the forum. It’s just a little scary getting a letter like this. Do I need to be concerned in anyway? I think would reship but I don’t want to get in any trouble. At some point would the fda take some sort of action against me?

Meanwhile, I got impatient a couple weeks ago. I took @desertshores suggestion and ordered from Jagdish. No problem. I finally took my first dose of rapa last week!


No they just throw the medications away if you don’t provide the information they ask about (the “oral or written testimony” as mentioned in the letter shown in this post Importing Rapamycin to Save Money (2)

We’ve not heard of any other issues from people here, so you don’t have to worry about “getting into trouble”.


This is hear-say but many believe that smaller orders are more often overlooked. So as much as 200 tabs can be seen as safer than very large pill numbers for multiple medications. They are looking at personal consumption as their subjective standard.

I had a larger box waylaid for about a month but finally sent on. It had 30 tubes of Adapalene and I guess it got their attention. But as it was a non-prescription topical treatment, I guess they decided to let it go through.


Did you get the 0.1% adapalene, or the 0.3% adapalene?

I had the same thing happen with a shipment from the anti-aging store. They reshipped after a month and the package arrived.

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Just call them or contact them (the way they told you to contact them) asking for your package to be released and tell them it is for personal use, and you need your medication. And if they ask too many questions just say because our damn health care system is totally rigged and I have to source them elsewhere, so it saves me money. If they still don’t like those answers just tell them to go to hell, and give you back your meds. You can also mention that they should not be stopping meds other than opioids, drugs and fentanyl, which they do a really bad job at stopping those (the ones that should really be stopped)


@Alex ,

do you mind sharing what do you use Adapalene for. I know it is primarily used for acne, but I was wondering if there is different uses for it.

0.1%. It was just a better price than I could find in the U.S. I believe about $2-3 a tube.

Got the idea from this forum. There is at least one post on this forum on this subject. Maybe others?



Did you notice any difference on wrinkles or any improvements in complexation at all?
your feedback Greatly appreciated. I might decide order some?

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You can also order the prescription strength Adapalene (0.3%) from many of the regular Indian pharmacies, and it also is in the price range of $2 to $4 per 15 gram tube.

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I see some improvement yes. Definitely worth a try.

Fine wrinkles only, but got my face back to my 40s. Good enough!

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Have you gotten better results with the higher percentage? Implied by your post but wanted to be sure.

Will look for it next time.

Thanks for the reply. I’m planning on giving it a try. Will be ordering it on my next shipment from India. I’ve got some quotes at $3-4 for a 15gr tube, and that about 20-25% of price in US.

I haven’t tried it yet, but plan to. In the Skin Aging thread people mentioned for best results you want to go with the 0.3% adapalene. How to Reverse Skin Aging

Of course, they are comparing the highest readily available strength of adapalene with the lower strength of tretinoin. 0.3% vs 0.05% when they should have compared it to the 0.1% tretinoin. As far as I can tell the main reason for the prescription with both adapalene and tretinoin is the possible skin irritation.
With tretinoin, this is usually caused by someone washing their face and not allowing it to dry before applying tretinoin.

I use tretinoin daily, 0.1%, In addition to repairing sun damage, I believe it not only lessons fine wrinkles but also improves the overall texture and appearance of facial skin.
Tretinoin 0.1% is available quite cheaply from India.

Adapalene comes in 0.1% and 0.3% strengths. Adapalene 0.3% only comes as a prescription gel.
“tretinoin is generally more potent—and thus might cause more side effects—than adapalene.”
Adapalene comes in 0.1% and 0.3% strengths. Adapalene 0.3% only comes as a prescription gel

For people who are caucasian, one benefit of starting with tretinoin versus adapalene is that there are combination products you can buy to use in the initial two month period containing hydroquinone and a steroid. After the two month period, you would then switch to just tretinoin because steroids shouldn’t be used long-term. Most people as they age have at least a little uneven pigmentation, which a low dose hydroquinone + tretinoin combo can improve. The temporary steroid would reduce redness and irritation so that immediate nightly application is possible rather than having to slowly introduce tretinoin. SkinLite is a good product. It contains 0.025% tretinoin, hydroquinone 2%, and mometasone furoate 0.1%. And it spreads very easily and conditions skin well.

Another is Triluma. It has 0.05% tretinoin, hydroquinone 4%, and fluocinolone acetonide 0.01%. It would be a better choice for someone with more substantial pigmentation issues like melasma, brown spots and extensive freckling. But it doesn’t condition skin as well as SkinLite and the steroid is inferior to mometasone for the face. There would likely still be a little irritation with this product.

Also, it’s generally a good idea to avoid the eye area with prescription retinoids, especially in the beginning because some spreading occurs after application and it can inflame the eye surface. A retinaldehyde eye cream would be ideal.

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That’s unfortunate. I think that’s the area I need it the most.

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Give us a call for an alternative way - please forgive if this sounds promotional, but the information may be helpful for many wanting to use Rapamycin, and struggle with access and fear of operative outside of FDA guidelines…

We work directly with the folks at Profound Products to make some of their products consistently available to our clients. As an integrative oncologist and anti-aging doc, there are more than a few difficult to find effective medications we repurpose. For Rapamycin (Sirolimus) in particular however this is readily available at most local US traditional and compounding pharmacies with a prescription, FDA approved, and reasonably cost effective with a discount coupon (average of $80-100 for 30 1mg). We provide medical oversight, orders for and review of routine labs, and support our clients to safely integrate medications like these into a longevity lifestyle. So you don’t need to go it alone on this. We also provide a deep dive into performance and preventative health metrics that is an important part of any serious plan for increasing healthspan (Health Performance Diagnostics — Center for Integrative Healing & Wellness)

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Can you provide some information about your fees? I am currently paying for a local concierge PCP and a telemedicine hormone replacement doctor (testosterone, anastrozole, hcg, thyroid), neither of whom are knowledgeable about anti-aging/longevity protocols. If I could find a way to consolidate, I might be interested.