Risk/Reward of Avoiding Covid-19

Several studies, some posted and discussed here Biological Age Acceleration from Covid 19, have suggested that Covid 19 accelerates some aspects of aging persistently after infection.

One of the studies I find most salient for evaluating the risk of SARS-Cov-2 infection is this longitudinal study published in Nature The neurobiology of SARS-CoV-2 infection, which provides evidence that even a mild infection is associated with an accelerated decrease in brain volume.

I’m curious how other people are evaluating the risk associated with Covid-19 or other communicable illnesses for long term health and what if any risk mitigation interventions people are pursuing.


COVID should be avoided if at all possible. It has only detrimental effects on your health. Any illness does, but COVID is usually more damaging as it is a blood clotting disease. Extra precautions should be used to avoid contagion.

One of the simplest ways to prevent diseases is to keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your pocket and sanitize after touching common things like gas pumps or door handles. Or just wear gloves and spray them down with disinfectant when done for the day.


No point in trying to avaoid the unavoidable. If you are healthy covid is nothing more than a mild cold Long covid doesn’t exist, only people that believe they had covid get it (regardless of wether or not they had covid). All the studies showing long term harm caused by covid are poorly executed retrospective studies (unhealthy and neurotic people get covid, unsurprisingly unhealthy people get a whole host of other health problems too and neurotic people test more frequently positve because they test way more often), sometimes even counting vaccinated individuals as vaccinated

long covid doesn’t exist:

Lomg covid is a mental illness. Just look on twitter and ask yourself why all the people on twitter complaining about long covid have a collection of these in their bio: pronouns, #blm, #fbpe, :rainbow_flag::transgender_flag::ukraine::ocean::mask::syringe::seedling::o: @mastodon

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I don’t think a potentially life threatening illness should be treated flippantly. Disease can be prevented if you take proper precautions. Illness is not unavoidable. If it isn’t, what’s the point of this forum?

I am healthy, and COVID had me coughing up blood. I didn’t get long COVID, but I treated the disease quickly and aggressively with PAXLOVID which prevented it from getting worse. Any disease that kills millions of people within a year is not something to shrug off.

Yes, globally we have done remarkably well at building herd immunity and the disease is not as severe as it once was. However people still die from the disease.

Claiming that long COVID is a mental illness seems like an uninformed and ignorant idea. It’s like denying people with peanut allergies because you can eat a bag of peanuts. We all have unique and individual biologies and that should be respected and not denigrated.


It’s not a claim, it’s backed up by evidence. There’s actually more both psychotherapy and antidepressants are effective therapies for ling covid


Hemoptysis is not uncommon in common colds either

Covid vaccine booster and influenza vaccine.

Shingles and pneumococcal vaccine is good too, there are threads on this.


Long COVID is often easily dismissed as a psychosomatic condition. Given what we now know about the effects of long COVID and its biological basis, it must be taken seriously.


I think we will agree to disagree on this.

Yes, while coughing up blood can happen in a cold, it hasn’t happened to me during a cold. Any time blood is coming from an orifice where it shouldn’t, I take that seriously.


Nothing in that article actually proofs covid causes long covid. For many people it’s just easier to say they have long covid than to admit that they have mental problems or maybeveven are vaccine injured

Prevalence in Germany by “county”, just put it side by side with the German general elections…why do the antivax racist AFD voters not get long covid…


What about the vaccine injured with long term problems? Do they have a mental illness too, in actuality?
If not, what’s the differentiation between vaccine and virus?

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Humans have dealt with respiratory viruses for eons and we evolved an innate and adaptive immune system to deal with them but never before have we been injected with lipid nanoparticles containing modified RNA and DNA fragments


Very recent peer-reviewed paper. 1/16/2024

Carefully read this paper especially if you are young.

No off switch for mRNA “vaccine”

It looks like the trials were stopped as the adverse effects started to rise.

The trial was unprecedentedly short for any vaccine.

The authors concluded that “the decision to approve the BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine by the US FDA and other international regulatory agencies was not an informed decision based on an unbiased, thorough, and transparent evaluation of the evidence intended to demonstrate that this vaccine met the criteria that it was a ‘safe and effective’ means of controlling the COVID-19 pandemic"

“Using US taxpayer money to purchase so many doses in advance would suggest that, prior to the EUA process, US federal agencies were strongly biased toward successful outcomes for the registrational trials. Moreover, it is reasonable to surmise that such extensive vested interests could have influenced the decision to prematurely halt the registrational trials


Some people will look at the evidence and come around, others won’t.

After she put out this video just a couple days ago they demonitized her.

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How are the large randomized controlled trials flawed? Please explain.

Start with Safety and Efficacy of the BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine, 2020



This is the abstract from Desertshores study above. More detail than I can muster at this point:

Our understanding of COVID-19 vaccinations and their impact on health and mortality has evolved substantially since the first vaccine rollouts. Published reports from the original randomized phase 3 trials concluded that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines could greatly reduce COVID-19 symptoms. In the interim, problems with the methods, execution, and reporting of these pivotal trials have emerged. Re-analysis of the Pfizer trial data identified statistically significant increases in serious adverse events (SAEs) in the vaccine group. Numerous SAEs were identified following the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), including death, cancer, cardiac events, and various autoimmune, hematological, reproductive, and neurological disorders. Furthermore, these products never underwent adequate safety and toxicological testing in accordance with previously established scientific standards. Among the other major topics addressed in this narrative review are the published analyses of serious harms to humans, quality control issues and process-related impurities, mechanisms underlying adverse events (AEs), the immunologic basis for vaccine inefficacy, and concerning mortality trends based on the registrational trial data. The risk-benefit imbalance substantiated by the evidence to date contraindicates further booster injections and suggests that, at a minimum, the mRNA injections should be removed from the childhood immunization program until proper safety and toxicological studies are conducted. Federal agency approval of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines on a blanket-coverage population-wide basis had no support from an honest assessment of all relevant registrational data and commensurate consideration of risks versus benefits. Given the extensive, well-documented SAEs and unacceptably high harm-to-reward ratio, we urge governments to endorse a global moratorium on the modified mRNA products until all relevant questions pertaining to causality, residual DNA, and aberrant protein production are answered.

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If you think the BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine randomized controlled trial should be redacted because of flaws in the study, you can make your case for it.


I am personally provax, but i recognise there are issues about the covid vaccines where objective answers are nèeded.


Yes. Personally I’m more afraid of long COVID than I am of vaccine problems. I’ve had 4 COVID vaccine shots so far but none in over a year. I had COVID in my house for a week recently (a mild case in a 15 yo); no one else tested positive. All family members are fully vaccinated. The vaccine shots did cause short term unpleasant side effects for me but no long term issues I’m aware of in my family.


Because they were too short to have meaningful results.



Look how old that is.
He is probably not singing that tune today.