Biological age acceleration from COVID-19

This study is a year old, but just wondering if anyone who’s had COVID has any before vs after results on any of the popular aging-marker tests?

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Interesting finding. There’s long covid, and VERY long covid.

They used some very funky DNA measuring algorithm, not familiar with it, nor did I dive into why this was chosen (emailed authors). What would phenoage have shown?

4.5. DNAmAge Estimation

Bekaert’s algorithm was applied to estimate the biological age of the population [20] as reported in Daunay et al. [31]:

26.44119 − 0.201902 × ASPA − 0.239205 × EDARADD + 0.0063745 × ELOVL22 + 0.6352654 × PDE4C

A lot of inter-person variation in the data, some VERY high COVID-19+ aging results. Aged 20 yrs from COVID?

And on telomeres,

“TL shortening has been reported as a risk factor for developing more severe COVID19 syndrome. The correlation between DeltaAge distribution and TL indicates that post-COVID19 survivors compared with the COVID-free group, have shorter telomeres independent of an accelerated DeltaAge, suggesting that these two parameters might be regulated independently.”