Regulation of Healthspan & Lifespan by Dietary Amino Acids

This paper drills down a little on the role of proteins in aging and life extension.
regulation of healthspan & lifespan by dietary amino acids.pdf (1.0 MB)


Interesting review paper. My personal view is that moderate intake of plant protein is a good anti-aging strategy as you significantly decrease methionine and the BCAAs and significantly increase glycine in a gram of protein. To get to the single digit levels which lab animals do you would have to practically eliminate certain food groups like legumes which is not viable, for me at least. Getting below 15% is a reasonable target for most who want to restrict protein, 10% if you want to be hardcore about it.

Only skimmed through it and didn’t look at the other studies it cited but nothing too surprising. One thing I wasn’t aware of was the relationship between tryptophan and FGF21, I should do some more digging on that!