Rapamycin Women VS Men Dosage & Dosage Regularity?

Hi Im not sure where is the best place to pose a question? Im wondering if there are studies or usage data on women vs men in regards to dosage or dosage regularity. It seems most of the comments I have observed are from men. I imagine there are differences.
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Hello Debora, I am wondering about the same thing. I think taking rapamycin is like fasting, so we have to use the best practice from there. Problem with the femouse data is that they don’t cycle. There is an egyptian breed that does. Maybe we have to do our own trial with cycling mice…

These are good questions, but sadly we really don’t have much data on dosing rapamycin for longevity more generally, let alone the specific issue of male vs. female dosing.

As a general statement - most people (like 98% of people) use once weekly dosing with rapamycin for longevity.

I recommend you review this thread on the general issue of dosing, if you have not already: What is the Rapamycin Dose / Dosage for Anti-Aging or Longevity?

In the dog aging study with rapamycin (TRIAD) they are dosing based on weight of the dogs: How Do I Get Rapamycin for My Dog?

And generally I’m hearing that some of the doctors also do this from a simplistic approach; lower weights = lower dosing (e.g. 100lbs, 3mg once per week), higher weight higher dosing (eg. 6 mg once per week); but we don’t have specific clinical study data to say that X mg/kg is the best dosing level for human longevity, so everyone is basically winging it right now.

I wish we had better data, but we don’t and its not at all clear when we will.

The best we have right now (generally) on dosing and side effects is the 2014 Mannick paper:

In this clinical study done by Jane Mannick / ResTorBio they looked at side effects and immune benefits (Rad001 is Everolimus, a rapalog, and a very close equivalent to rapamycin).

Below you can see the side effect profile at differen dosing, but we still have no idea on the exact human longevity benefits over longer periods of time (I think this was a 16 week study). Note: It seems that Rad001/Everolimus dosing is equivalent to about 2/3rds of rapamycin (so 5mg of everolimus may equal approx. 3mg of rapamycin). More info on Everolimus here: Everolimus instead of Sirolimus / Rapamycin? Anyone else trying?

Mannick 2014 paper:

There is some sex effect difference in some studies in mice and other animals, but its unclear how (or if) that data translates to humans:

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