Rapamycin vs LDN

I only found this website a few days ago. Before I found it, I was considering going down the LDN route for my symptoms of what I think might be mild CFS and fibromyalgia. (Not officially dignosed.)

It seems to me from the research I have done on this website and elsewhere that Rapamycin is way more powerful than LDN. I would therfore be very grateful if anyone could let me know if LDN can do anything that Rapamycin can’t.

Is it worth purchasing LDN if I also take Rapamycin?

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I’m sure other people will add their thoughts here, I don’t take LDN and don’t have an opinion but wanted to share these past threads on the topic:

Here: Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

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So I am not a doctor so this isn’t medical advice. The two molecules do very different things. Rapa MTOR modulation and LDN dopamine modulation. If what you are treating has some cross over with aging you could benefit from either. For example, arthritis. Both reduce inflammation in a very different way. My experience has been LDN does more inflammation reduction. Rapa has more of a positive effect on my blood bio markers and signs of aging. If you are treating a chrons, chronic pain, post Lyme, autoimmune disorder LDN is better. Most of the folks on this board notice very subtle benefits if any from Rapa, it is more about preventing diseases of aging. My 2 cents, and with inflation as it has been 2 cents is barely worth picking up off the ground :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Danlalane, very much for your very informative reply,

I think what I will probably do is start by taking Rapamycin on its own for the first two or three months to see what it does for me. If the answer is not enough, then I will add LDN.

FWIW I take both without issue

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LDN definitely works for mood, pain…inflammation

I’ve been on it over 10 years and every time I get off it…I notice after about a month.

So I always go back on it

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I take both and have very different benefits from each


I also use both: LDN for a couple of years, went way up with dosing, now at a more conservative dose. It did not provide the “miracle” results for which I had hoped, but it definitely has a beneficial effect. I have just commenced my rapa adventure, with understanding and high hopes. I certainly see no reason to not use both; they are very different in action.