Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

6% of the Rapamycin survey respondents in @RapAdmin user survey #2 also take LDN. I was curious what their reason is for taking it and what their experience has been.


I’ve used it in quite a few of my patients. Seems particularly good for autoimmune disorders. I spoke to a neurology specialist in MS and he found it very effective in that group.

Acts on toll like receptors so has anti inflammatory activity.

May impede cancer at low doses but promote it at higher dosing.


Yes - good question. I included that only because I had seen it on the AgelessRX.com website last year (not sure if they are still selling it), and I’ve seen people mention it, but I’ve never come across any research to suggest it increases lifespan in any mammals or organisms. So - yes, I’m curious too, maybe I missed some of the research.

I’m not aware of any lifespan extension evidence.

rivasp12, Do you have any more information about MS and Rapamycin. I have a friend with MS and was thinking it was an auto-immune disease. So, why has Rapamycin not been tested in a clinical trial to see it’s effects? It’s a rhetorical question, but you may have some thoughts.

Hi Jay
Rapamycin has been tested in a human clinical trial, albeit a small sample size, but the results were very promising.

Also encourage you to see some of the work on LDN and MS.

Both drugs are promising for all sorts of autoimmune disorders.

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Found this, didn’t realize there is a whole movement of Drs. and folks taking LDN. The Low Dose Naltrexone Website


FWIW I ordered and have been trying LDN for joint pain, arthritis and fatigue. I thought initially 4.5mg was the standard dose only to find out later that titrating up from 1, 1.5 or even .5 is a good idea to avoid side effects. I had some 4.5 capsules i got from an India pharmacy I get my Rapamycin from. So I broke them up and split up the contents as best I could to even our a lower dosing schedule (I realize less than ideal). Day 1 after trying it I woke up feeling great, less pain and old man feeling. Day 2 and beyond been experiencing some of the side effects that folks encounter, weird taste in my mouth, stomach and GI unsettled, some muscle aching. They say after two weeks those things go away and on the other side is that Day 1 feeling or better.

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Tried LDN for half a year each day at the time I had quite severe autoimmune symptoms. I didn’t notice any changes, neither in biomarkers such as CRP, etc. I started at a low dose of 1.5mg per day and titrated up over the months.


I decided to seek MD oversight for my LDN experimentation. I had a remote session https://www.pain-recovery.com/?utm_source=gmb_auth - Dr Goldstein yesterday. I am going to try his pharmacy compounding kit for $80. 2-month supply. Starting at .5mg and titrating up once a week or so.

One of the things he posed was, if Rapamycin is an immunosuppressant and LDN is an immune system increaser will the two cancel each other out? LDN’s primary driver is increasing dopamine, which has a key role in inflammation, mood, etc. Not sure how that might conflict with mTor inhibition if at all.

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btw - my Indiamart pharmacy prices:
Low Dose naltrexone capsules ( LDN 1.5 mg )

100 capsules $ 45 USD including shipping

300 capsules $ 65 USD including shipping

500 capsules $ 85 USD including shipping

Low Dose naltrexone capsules ( LDN 3 mg )

100 capsules $ 47 USD including shipping

300 capsules $ 70 USD including shipping

500 capsules $ 100 USD including shipping

Low Dose naltrexone capsules
( LDN 4.5 mg)

100 capsules $ 55 USD including shipping

300 capsules $ 90 USD including shipping

500 capsules $ 130 USD including shipping


Well. This is what they look like. I am starting the compounding pharmacy version tonight. I was breaking these Indian capsules up previously.



What company manufactures these LDN capsules? I don’t see any brand name on the box from the images you posted.

I should have asked. I will! There is a facebook group of LDN users (not as cool as you all of course) I see several pictures of this box.

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Rapa is an immune modulator not a suppressant (unless you take a high daily dose). The suppressant effect i think comes from mtorc2, so i don’t think they’ll “cancel each other out”


plan on starting this. ordered from agelessrx.com

Who did you purchase from?

Indiamart and a compounding pharmacy in New Jersey

The source is Park pharmaceutical for the LDN pictured above.

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