Rapamycin used with Testosterone replacement

Hello All! Anyone use both rapamycin and testosterone replacement? Thoughts on timing?


Yes, I do, bi-weekly self-injections (3.5 yrs). I take Rapamycin weekly (1.5 yrs), currently exploring with increased dosing levels. I have not any reason or knowledge to concern with overlap/timing.


Isn’t exogenous testosterone mTORC1 activating? It seems that they would be contra-indicated.

The S6K1 phosphorylation induced by testosterone was blocked by rapamycin and small interfering RNA to mTOR.


Yes, it does, I am certainly balancing several longevity pathways. I might need some extra Rapamycin :muscle:

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It also seems you would want to time them such that they are opposite in terms of dosing schedule, wouldn’t you? i.e. dose the testosterone when Rapamycin is at its trough blood levels?


Thank You! I have seen some posts that try to balance metformin and exercise and did not know if some people were trying to do similar strategies with TRT and Rapamycin with activating and deactivating mTOR. It would make sense that as younger men we have higher testosterone levels yet seem to have better mTOR regulation although I have not seen many discussions of comparing mTOR regulation in young vs. old.

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Yes, exactly what I was thinking and may make sense of doing biweekly Rapamycin when doing TRT? Any information that you have seen on how mTOR regulates differently in younger vs. older?

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Yes, I have been on TRT 3 years now… helped with weight loss in combination with rapamycin for visceral fat loss. Maintaining muscle.

Started rapamycin 1 year after the TRT. I think the combination of the two is a good match.

I do rapamycin on Monday. Cypionate on Thurs.

I figure any negative effects of Cypionate are corrected by rapamycin biology regeneration.
My epigenetic biological age is 51 years … actual age 64 years. GlycanAge is 37 years. Works for me.

Also, I take 1 pill of anastrozole per week with my shot to balance my male estradiol which is in the perfect level - not too much not too little for the past 3-years.

It works for me.


Thank you for sharing. It would make sense that a balance of turning on and off mTOR would be ideal. I do a similar regime, but without the anastrozole. Just started the Rapamycin 2 months ago and enjoying some of the changes.


This just in today… my GlycanAge results.

Looks like it is working. Yeah!


Hi Mac,
I do both: IM testosterone once weekly and 6 mg rapamycin/sirolimus once weekly…seems like a no-brainer to me.

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One Year Of Testosterone Therapy For Men With Low Levels Of The Hormone Appears Not To Increase Risk For Heart Problems, Meta-Analysis Concludes

HealthDay (6/9) reports, “One year of testosterone therapy for men with low levels of the hormone does not appear to increase their risk for heart problems,” researchers concluded in findings presented at an Endocrine Society meeting and simultaneously published online in The Lancet Healthy Longevity journal.

Healio (6/9) reports investigators arrived at this conclusion after they “conducted a meta-analysis of 35 studies…of testosterone vs. placebo for hypogonadism including 5,601 participants.”